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  1. Mr. Walker

    Koth_Station A1

    Hello, this is my *real* attempt at an original map now, I've had many ideas 2 years before this but were scrapped because I was too lazy to learn by that point. This map is located at a Power Station / Plant, with red and blu team very closed-in onto one another as the fight for control never...

    koth_maneuver Alpha 3

    Maneuver: A king of the hill map in development
  3. Little Shayman

    jump_ramparts a5

    A map that stemmed from my appreciation of jurf. Ramparts being a pun alluding to such. As of writing this I plan to make this map have a medieval castle aesthetic to match its name. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable map for you, if you have any constructive criticism, please don't hesitate to...

    koth_coldline b2.5

    ColdLine is a king of the hill map made especially for christmas, containing 3 routes to get to the point, at the point features a sneaky path under the bridge with a medium health pack Thanks for all feedback. steam workshop gamebanana
  5. Pixelitz

    Soft Ground _a1

    This map is project that i worink on, since 2021, and i stop the creation of it, because i stop playing TF2 and start to focous on other tinhgs, but now i'm back to TF2 and back to this map, i have plans to finish it as soon as i can.
  6. ButteredSideDown

    koth_bainbridge_a1 2020-12-11

    Just the first map I've ever uploaded. Had a few adventures with hammer in the past but with this one I plan to stay with it and improve it over time. Thanks, and have fun!
  7. Lucabutt

    [SOLVED] Looking for someone to help improve a map I use for my TF2 server

    Henlo, As the title of the thread states, I'm looking for an advanced mapper who has some time on their hands to help me out. I, along with a friend, was working on a trade map that I'm using for my TF2 server and we've done what we could with it but there are still plenty of issues that I'd...
  8. SteveN

    How can I make a func_rotating behave like this?

    Hi, I'm working on a pretty sizeable hammer project and have run into a problem; I need a func_rotating to behave like in the attached demonstration but I can't get it to work, I know I could maybe use logic relays to make it switch but that would require a button and I'd like the movement to be...
  9. Person Meetup

    Nobleford B1

    Nobleford is an in-development KOTH map with a focus on flanking, positioning, and movement. It has plenty of airspace for rocket-jumping, a nice under area that extends to several flank routes, and plenty of cover for Medics to build their ubers. HEADS UP: This map is still in the Alpha...
  10. Mouse!

    A year later: how are you?

    Happy Halloween! I have some small questions to y'all, and there are a few of my ideas! Questions How are you? Seriously, I'm curious. Is there something you are missing when making your maps? (like some tools, source control etc) Would you like to have any web service to work with something...
  11. Jakcie Chan

    pl_genericbuilding a4

    Hi, I made this first map to teach myself how to overall publish maps onto this site and experiencing play testing as a creator. I made this map to try and make flanking classes like scout or pyro be able to still do something vs red engies while making red still be able to defend. I did this...
  12. Thermite

    Thermite's extra dev textures 2018-12-06

    Just some extra dev textures. Nothing fancy.
  13. Gunslinger_

    Acoustic A1

    Acoustic is a compact VSH (Versus Saxton Hale) map made as a first test for the Panda Community servers, along with something new and a bit interesting for VSH and FF2 (Freak Fortress 2) servers to experience. The map has no intentions of being used for the actual Arena gamemode, and was...
  14. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    Fortline A2

    Well, I'm very excited to present my second map made for tf2. It was a painful path of learning because I worked a lot with the goldsource and I don't know much about Source engine. Well let's talk about the map. Story: Blue attacks a Red fort with a lot of ammunition supplies, Red forces must...
  15. Chaoticly

    Looking for Map Developers for a new Gamemode

    I'm looking for a map developer interested in making some maps for a new gamemode for TF2. Can't go into too much detail in the forums (due to it being semi private), but I promise it'll be worth your time. Money payout will be offered. Add me on steam if you're interested! (link) Thanks for...
  16. Asd417

    Cliffface_a1 a3

    overall view Flank under the cap point A tunnel where players can drop down to the mine above Frontyard battlementPath leading to highground looking down at the point spawn is located where my rocket is heading It vaguely follows viaduct formula so it should be fine in terms of gameplay. There...
  17. DrLambda

    Tinted Dev Textures (Displacement Placeholders) V1

    As people have been asking about the brown and green dev textures i'm using on pretty much every alpha for a while now, i decided to upload them. I'm using them to create placeholders where displacements will probably be in the future. After installing the contents of the folder to...
  18. Shad0w__

    CTF Incredible 2016-06-18

    SCREENSHOTS ARE ON THE STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE This map is like cp_orange, but instead is CTF. It is more camp friendly, meaning alot of sentry spots and sniper spots. Although this map isn't just for engineers and snipers, this map plays well with all classes. I based the layout on Quake levels...
  19. mozi_h

    Comment my 1st map: Zweiburg

    Hello, I'm new to mapmaking in TF2 and started with my 1st (koth) map about a week ago. I am asking you more advanced map-developers to help me out by commenting my so far work. Since I'm going to mirror the map and I am not putting it into alpha state yet, only one half is finished. I tried my...
  20. Simulacron

    Map layout problems

    I have a question: In which part of the mapping progress your layout becomes really "good"? I submit two of my maps to the gamedays, but the first one was to open for snipers (pl_timberbridge [Deleted]), so I gave up on it. My second one was a small koth map (koth_canyon), in this map I tried...