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Pirate Coast B1

Red pirates had attacked the mining town and now blue team need to push them away

Red pirates had attacked the mining town and now blue team need to push them away.

This map is a 3cp pyramid style, (like Gravelpit) and has a 7200x7280u size.

Here some screenshoots of the map:


Well this is my 4th or 5th map made in tf2, and the 3rd published on tf2map.net, I didnt made it alone, my friend [EIST]milanesa2013 helped me making B and C point, while I made A and tweaked a bit the other points. Let's say that is his first map.

Well after all this spech, we hope that you'll have fun with this map like we did when we were making it.

Special thanks for frontline and contruction content makers.
[EIST] Tf2Master :3
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Goodbye Dev textures!!

    - Opened a bit the intersection between point A and C. - More displacements. - Lighting Changes - More props. - Removed all Dev Textures. This update took 1 week and 1 day of work.
  2. A2 Fixes

    - Fixed some nodraw textures and func_rotating not working as I wanted
  3. C point rework!

    - Changed all C point - Added to the Dock in A a window - Added a bit of rocks to the ambient - On Blue Spawn added some overlays signs to mark that the left tunnel goes to B - Changed water texture on Blue Spawn - Relocated Red spawn