first map

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  1. Lesbian Futa Mommy

    Shapes a16

    My first map, a 5cp map, with some main goals in mind from the very start of the design process: 1: Use interesting shapes to create varied gameplay patterns that are different from standard fences, boxes, cliffs and displacements. 2: Focus on 12v12 gameplay over 6v6. 3: Make sure no sentry can...
  2. widzu95

    Forklift b1

    My very first project, small 5CP map, probably fast paced. I know I shouldn't skip alpha phase in serious projects, but this map is a product of me learning how hammer works in general and I just wanted to mess a bit with props and textures. Map is rather flat in general because of its theme...
  3. mbx8_rt

    ctf_killbox 1.0

    My first map im gonna upload tried to make it kinda ballanced i guess?
  4. Carmine

    ctf_2fort_mesa a3

    This is my very first map, tried blocking out 2fort to be like a base built into the side of a canyon or mesa, complete with helipads as intel rooms and an expanded central area, also included is a totally reworked second spawn area and a third route to intel. also MORE SEWERS! >:D credits to...
  5. Motik7

    koth_gravel_valley a2a

    My first map and I'm trying to make a balanced map. Yes it takes some big things from Viaduct, I'm new I need to start somewhere, sorry. I'm particularly interested in getting sniper balance right since I spent a lot of time thinking and working on that. Engineer is another point of interest...
  6. stinkshink

    Medieval Saxtons Renaissance Fair 1

    This is my first attempt at a fully playable TF2 map, working off what we created for the 72 hour jam! Thanks UEAKCrash for the mapping tutorials!
  7. Motik7

    Map Advice?

    Just for some quick context, this is my first map I've made, I know it's not pretty I'm trying to focus on principles of design. I'm mostly just looking for advice on how to continue development for my map. It's as completed as me playing alone on the map running around looking for stuff can...
  8. Call Me Jim

    72hr Jam 2023 koth_alley72_a1 a2

    Koth map based around European alleys built during and for the 72hr Jam. First map uploaded so bear with me. Please don't test w/out me, thanks.
  9. pamukdevstuff

    fishy cat map 1.0

    its a capture the flag map with one secret room can you find it. its very simple but it makes fun to play on it so please try it when you love long capure the flag maps
  10. RenTide4

    72hr Jam 2023 Apresar final

    My entry for the 2023 72hr Jam, as well as my first upload here. The map was intended to have a system where BLU would cap A and unlock two control points at the same time that they would have to capture, but this has been scrapped in favor of a traditional 3CP A/D system. There are additional...
  11. pamukdevstuff

    fc map 1.0

    its a fc map so a colabaration
  12. robopan

    Death_Hill A8

    My first map uploaded here! B-) Very crusty 1 stage 2CP A/D map with some elevation. Enjoy! If the map ever grows up to be any good, I want the setting to be some arid place in north-east Brazil.
  13. Yenka

    Cubed 1

    my first ever map that i put alot of time into, also my only one with a 3D Skybox.
  14. Venesis

    Facility 0.1.9

    This is my first map and it is an indoors one. The map takes place in a Mann Co. warehouse where both Red team and Blu team will try to sneak each other's intelligences in the delivery trucks. Have fun.
  15. ottofort

    Doom a1

    babys first map!!! i had alot of fun making this and i might make more (and hopefully continue to work on this) for the most part, this map is just a mish mash of my favorite koth maps (and a few other ideas i threw in) this the only way i could see to upload images
  16. wobbs

    KOTH 90 Degrees 0.1

    First Map! The control point is located at a 90 degree turn between Red and Blu's lane.
  17. dabmasterars

    Edge A10

    This is cp_edge - an Attack/Defend single-stage 3CP map set on rooftops with some verticality and a camera-monitor system. PLOT The BLU team has bought some office space in the middle of the Exsaust City. Everything seemed fine, until about two weeks after the purchase. That day, the...
  18. piss man (real)

    koth_randoblu a7a

    my first map ever, expect it to be very crappy, feedback will surely help also if you downloaded any version below version a3a2 again then you are actually downloading a1
  19. CriticalFeesh

    koth_strut a2

    A work in progress map in a warehouse setting (for now it is just dev textures). I do apologize if this map is bad, for it is my very first.
  20. Tiftid

    pl_monolithic _a1b

    This isn't the first map I made for TF2, nor is it the first map I made in Hammer - those titles both go to random unfinished VMFs from 2016. But this is the TF2 map I developed furthest and liked most before I joined these forums. That gives it the "first map" trophy in my eyes. The original...