first map

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  1. litho_

    Trainyard Koth a1

    First "proper" map it will be very ugly (only has dev textures and a few models) and will probably suck (but i think the train is cool)
  2. swhipple

    Humble a2

    My first map! See map post for more info
  3. swhipple

    Humble a1

    KoTH map with raised point and the teams' bases on each side. Featuring a side building for high ground and flanking! My first completed map, after having so many miscellaneous ideas between so many game modes and such, I'm so glad to be able to finally finish something for once. Hopefully it's...
  4. ArtZ

    Overlook a8

    Overlook is a small king of the hill map with mirror symmetry, where two towers overlook the control point. I stopped working on this map almost a year ago, and only picked it up again recently. This is my first Team Fortress 2 map.
  5. Hey Xolf

    Sewers a1a

    -Description: For this map, I went with the idea of the mercenaries having a fight in a big area of sewers, for now I haven't thought of a reason of why they're fighting in the sewers (for lore & gameplay). When you take a look at the map, you will notice that there's not much of deep water or...
  6. Dima Goblin 2XL

    koth_thunder_a1 a1

    koth_thunder_a1 is my first map layout! It has mirrored symmetry and is very rough. I am currently seeking to revise this map after plenty of feedback.
  7. Audio_Crisis

    Koth_Bluebox a1

    My first ever map, and first ever submission for the 72hr summer jam! I took the middle point from koth_powerside_0a1 by tupckux
  8. Audio_Crisis

    72hour contest submission.

    This is my first map! :D It's terrible and near unplayable, not expecting to get a medal for this, but it was fun :D I'll make an actual respectable version soon-ish.
  9. NygesOverlord

    My first ever map 2022-07-24

    After learning how to use Hammer, I created this koth map. It has some issues, and for some reason when I was testing it, the game wouldn't end when the time reached zero. Though, I think it's alright for a first map.
  10. Fudge Man

    Stonebrick A1

    King of the Hill map with an intended theme of castle ruins, don't know what happened to that. Currently only dev textures.
  11. SA ST

    koth_24_0 v1

    My first map. Its a koth map. Really simple but fun!!! :)
  12. Squidant

    TwofoldTowers 1.0

    While I've been experimenting with Hammer for a while now this is my first completed map project! The concept came from a joke during a Discord call that went a little like "What if there was a CTF map where the intel was at the top of two huge towers, that would suck" and it snowballed from...
  13. Weed Cat

    koth_ramps a2

    This is my first TF2 map and my first use of hammer. Enjoy my janky little world.
  14. rats!

    koth_two_trucks 1

    Hello! This is my first map. I originally designed it following crash's youtube tutorials and trying to get a grasp on level design. Even though it's pretty flawed I think it's in a mostly playable state now.
  15. Exee

    Railcross A1

    Hi y'all! I'm just getting into mapmaking and I threw this together in like, a couple of days- It's (I think) a relatively simple, small koth map set in a train station, the control point being on two railroad bridges layering over eachother. I'm actually quite proud of what I've done, but I'd...
  16. Unusual Pretzel

    trade_ut_1 One

    Pretty bad map considering its my first but it was fun to make
  17. baconandx

    de_dante_a12 2

    First version of my bomb defusal mode. This is my first map submitted for playtesting, so don't be afraid to give feedback.
  18. SosenkaZPolski

    'The System Cannot Find The File Specified'

    Hi, Im new to mapping, and have a couple of issues. Im currently creating a mvm/payload map, but I cant compile anymore. Anyone know how to fix this? I used but I still cant figure out, whats wrong. Heres a copy of the log. Note: There are 2/3 custom props in the map, dont...
  19. Brisk

    CP_Ryder A2

    First Map! Using hammer to try and make a 5cp map inspired by the most popular maps currently played in 6s leagues. Not quite satisfied with how it's turned out but looking for some play testing feedback to help try and refine it into a more playable state.
  20. LoFi Otter

    Hilltop Storage B1

    Hilltop Storage takes place in the springtime of 1968 in a remote lumber storage facility and its surrounding area. The Reds and Blus have each simultaneously realized the massive amount of money to be earned if they were to control the warehouse located at the top of a hill within the mountain...