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Fortline A2

Blue Froces begins an operation to capture a fortification of the Red Forces

Well, I'm very excited to present my second map made for tf2. It was a painful path of learning because I worked a lot with the goldsource and I don't know much about Source engine. Well let's talk about the map.

Story: Blue attacks a Red fort with a lot of ammunition supplies, Red forces must defend 2 strategics points in the entrance of the fort to stop Blue Forces.

The maps has a size of 3874x5040u. Maybe has some texture bugs but I'm more concentrate on how the gameplay is.

Here're some screenshoots of the map:

[EIST] Tf2Master :3
First release
Last update
Domination CP

More downloads from [EIST] Tf2Master :3

Latest updates

  1. New Stage Added!

    Well, its been along time I posted the last update to this proyect. I took an "vacation" on this and moved up to learn some c++ programming. Then I remembered this and went back to work. What this 2º Stage have?, 2 new points, thinking on do a...
  2. Some Bug Fixes

    -FIxed 1 of the Blue spawn Doors that allows to enter red players if a blue player stays in the trigger zone. -Fixed the big fort door that allowed players pass trought it after the 1º round.

Latest reviews

love the work on frontlines