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  1. MisterMaker_71

    pl_upcliff a1

    a cp map where red has to defand a mountain base.
  2. Cincomma

    sky_bluevalley 5/8/2023

    A pair of skyboxes I made out of pure jealousy of how cool nature looks. sky_bluevalley_01 sky_bluevalley_02 enjoy!
  3. Crashriot39

    koth_oil_works a1

    This here is a nuclear manufacturing facility disguised as an oil refinery.
  4. ABpriceHI45

    Mountain Edge - Stage 1 v10

    Stage 1 only, stage 2 is now yet made lol.. Inspired off Valve's unfinished map: Cactus Canyon old version: Custom Stuff Credits: Skybox by ABpriceHi45 [Thats me!!] One Way Sign TF2 2007...
  5. Hydro

    Stailia S1 A16

    The first stage of a multi-stage payload map. Story [Temp]: A train is transporting [Retracted] for Red and must pass through the mountains to reach its destination. Red must protect the train by stalling for time while Blu is pushing the bomb cart to a cannon at the end to destroy it.
  6. Potato 2

    koth_drilled v1

    Red and Blu accidentally hired the same contractors to build a giant drill on top of a hill, being lazy they only built half of each, now the mercs will have to fight for ownership of the drill and all the gravel it dug up so far.
  7. AlexEatDonut

    cp_upthere a3

    Hello there. This is a map i made with inspiration from summer holidays in the Pyrenees from 2019 and 2020. I wanted to do 3 stages, but the 72hour jam wasn't in the best moment for me, so i had to rush it out. I see it as shallow with no ideas apart from how the 2 stages connects. Maybe it's...
  8. NTMonsty

    Fuego final

    This is a map I made for the 72 Hour Jam of Summer 2019. RED and BLU have gone south in search of gold and oil, but have only found trees and mountains instead. Or at least that's how it's been like before. Now, they have their hands on land in the Land of Fire, and they found not fire, but gold...
  9. WhoWee!

    Multi Stage Snow Mountains A2

    (This name is NOT final!) This is a 2 stage a/d map set in the snowy mountains. RED has tried to set up a fake town, in order to disguise their secret base. Unfortunately, BLU has gotten there too quick. RED was almost finished with the whole town, right before the fighting broke out.
  10. Rissy

    Alpine Depo Beta 11

    After 3 months of development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.. Hey guys, Rissy here. Finally I finished my quite well map (without interior, still) and I can submit it to you! This map were made for Connect 5 contest, you can find some more information here. Alpine Depo is a King...
  11. Mat$Max

    KOTH Cliffs A2

    koth_cliffs is a medium to large koth map that takes place between the cliffs of two mountains. It is set in a time of war and therefor has assets from the frontlline pack. This map is far from finished and still has many mistakes. This is pretty much my first map so it's a bit of practice too...
  12. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    cp_Railed_Mountains a2

    Here's my first map, I followed the tutorials of Crash. The map is in an early stage so it can has some bugs, if you find one, tell me and i'll try to fix it. And... the red bots like one of the spawn wall, so if someone know how to fix that tell me pls. Thx for read, and I whish you'll...