Cart Crawlers

Cart Crawlers a6

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Cart Crawlers a6

A twinstick TF2 themed rougelite

Craft Crawlers is a TF2 themed twinstick rougelite where you push the cart as far as you can.

The newest release is 0.3, its kinda buggy at the moment but has a-lot of new features.

Movement - WASD
Aim/Shoot - Mouse
Pickup Items - E
Inventory - Tab
CycleWeapons - Shift
Jump - Space

More Info
See the Updates section of this post for a detailed rundown of changes
Or checkout the official discord

Known Issues - If the game comes up completely black and you are on a dual gpu system (laptops that have both nvidia and intel graphics) you may need to force the app to run on your intel card - Sometimes the cart will get a little stuck on something, usually this can be fixed by jumping on the cart to increase its speed and push it through, if it gets stuck for good toss me a screenshot.
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Latest updates

  1. The Big Campaign / Map Editor Update

    Cartcrawlers the TF2 x Nuclearthrone fan-game has just reached version 0.6This brings many new features including a static 12 level campaign, new enemies, bosses, a level editor, and much more. As always you can download the game here...
  2. The Polish Update

    Cartcrawlers 0.4 is up, this version doesn't have many new features but fixes issues with many of the old ones. - The engie boss fight has been improved, he now has voicelines and a unique attack - MUSIC, is now on by default, I also added some...
  3. Difficulty Hike

    Changelog: Cart Infinite Points expolit has been fixed Pause menu now centers itself 2 Newenemies, may or maynot be OP Rocks now spriteswap to match the zone theyare in Nerfed Bison a little Buffed damage of enemy attacks somewhat More...

Latest reviews

I love this game and everything about it.
1. It's the best TF2 fan-game out there
2. It uses a style of play I've never seen in a TF2 fan-game and it is very well constructed.
This is good
Another big step in putting Team Fortress 2 into all games imaginable. Not just racers, not just shooters, not just 3-D games. I'm talking-

Every. Single. Game.
so cool !
This is so amazing, nice work
Wow this game is pretty neat and you managed to make it in 72hrs. i wish there were more enemies doe :p
So far the game has a decent amount of content; Excited to see what gets added!
Such an Amazing Game!