Multi Stage cp_minedthegap b1

a semi-quick map cp map to play, that gives all classes a use. dick around all you want!

  1. cp_minedthegap_b1

    Things in this update:

    +Added conveyor belts to second spawns
    +Even more leak fixes
    +Made the capture times more balanced. it now takes 20 seconds to capture the middle point, and 10 for the team ones.

    it seems that people dont like this map but thats alright. i just wanted this map to be a fast paced cp map. considering the future of this map, i will improve on the layout. i will not remake the layout, but i will improve on it. people also complained that its too flat, so i will be...
  2. cp_minedthegap_a3

    thanks for the feedback everyone! things in this update are:

    +made the cap times really low, making the map more fast paced.
    +cut the spawn points in half, this fixes the problem where spawning in the second spawn was next to impossible.
    +fixed all the leaks.
  3. cp_minedthegap_a2

    fixed the red second spawn door not opening. huge thanks to @pont for letting me know!

    replaced the vent textures with another dev texture due to lighting and slippery problems. again, thanks to @pont for letting me know!
  4. cp_minedthegap_a1

    collision fixes