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  1. Roboto

    Metro a1

    Kinda based on the Map Metro from a shitty roblox game called Phantom Forces or some crap, idk.
  2. ethosaur

    sb_rockbottom 2021-08-27

    Port of the drunk driving section from PTSD 2 mod, made by me. Based on the Spongebob movie game, "Now that were men" level. (Original geometry/level design, but textures are from the game) This has been edited to function in TF2. Including red/blu spawns, pickups around the map, and spawn...
  3. bajablink

    Bullfighter A2A

    Overview: The map is set in 2 buildings under construction created by Blutarch Mann and Redmond Mann with a point in the middle. Thanks to: Danimations - making the map
  4. Mess About

    bfr a1

    Another map that was meant to be submitted to the B2B contest. It features: - Direct sightlines between 2 intel rooms through the middle area, allow Snipers to play "point and click" with each others (and stop bothering other players), prevent Engineers from strengthen their defense so easily...
  5. theheeper55

    Multi Stage cp_minedthegap b1

    hey look its another generic cp map! only this time its very fast paced! the second spawn mechanic is to give you a second chance if you manage to lose the middle point. keeping the enemy at bay is the biggest thing you need to worry about. UEAKCrash disapproves! (oh yeah its my first map...
  6. nesman

    Laborde a39b

    I liked the theme of Gorge, which is Alpine, and with that I present to you pl_laborde. A laboratory based on a mountain side.
  7. Vermelho

    Jump Jetpack 2 a3

    Jump for Pyro with Jetpack Welcome, another jump map for the Pyro with the jetpack. I added more jumps compared to the previous jump_jetpack version. This is my last jump map for the pyro, so I added more fun jumps.
  8. Charlie 2

    Train Yard a9

    A Big Payload Map
  9. XEnderFaceX

    Map file too big

    Hi My map, pl_badyard file size is 51MB, thats way too big I had alot of AreaPortals and AreaPortals are expensive, so i deleted almost all of them and then i recompiled it with CompilePal, now its 52MB?! What? im mostly using Frontline Assets Whats the reason for this?
  10. Acacius

    trade_avast v1

    My first map- a simple trade map. The lighting is different than most, as this map has more of a sunset skybox as opposed to an ordinary bright, sunny day. This map would suit small and large servers alike. Features of the map: Large spawn rooms with trigger_hurt entities (which allows for...
  11. Hylander

    Turbine extended 2017-06-28

    Hello everyone we thought Turbine was small so we improved it and added a lot of things. first this was kind of a joke map but we started working on it more, and now its the best map ever. + You can open the private doors + A pool in the center, just because + Made the middle room bigger +...
  12. Twist.vmf

    koth_power_feud a9a

    red and blu fight over a power plant who will win?...i don't know....probably red. any and all feedback is greatly appreciated a9a special edition: NEW MID!!! anyway! on to the update so the map is getting no improvement... until now! + Complete remake of mid + No more pointless jumping...