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  1. KaPPY

    Combining CTF and CP

    Hello! I want to make a template map from which I can pull elements to create an MvM-like game mode for multiplayer play using CTF and CP elements. So far I made one flag for one team with special delivery preset using Boojum Snark Ultimate Mapping Resource pack. So my question is, how would I...
  2. Vert

    cp_tcdom_vert a4

    For ages, humankind has struggled with many challenges. Many tasks deemed far too dangerous to be worth solving. How to create world peace? How to end world hunger? How to travel faster than light? How to make territorial control good? I, like everyone else, have attempted to solve at least one...
  3. Fault in Maps

    Half of the Control Point a2

    Flex Tape! The super strong waterproof tape that can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair! Flex Tape is no ordinary tape. It's triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to surfaces, instantly stopping the toughest leaks. Leaky maps can cause MAJOR damage, but flex tape grips on tight and...
  4. theheeper55

    Multi Stage cp_minedthegap b1

    hey look its another generic cp map! only this time its very fast paced! the second spawn mechanic is to give you a second chance if you manage to lose the middle point. keeping the enemy at bay is the biggest thing you need to worry about. UEAKCrash disapproves! (oh yeah its my first map...
  5. Sirc

    polarplant b1c

    It's the morning after a rough storm... Beta is finally here! Super special thanks to Waugh for providing an excellent art pass. It's been phenomenal working with such an accommodating and talented person! Note that this map is balanced first for competitive 6s and casual second. Please report...
  6. Flareblood

    cp_fulljosh A6B

    No demons and/or heavy metal included. Sorry.
  7. Flareblood

    CP_Eggbasket a4 but fixed i hope

    Hopefully this time I'm actually learning how to make a decent map. I think I'm also figuring out how to make some height variation now. Might be a bit underscaled, but let's just see.
  8. Flareblood

    cp_herrigare_a1 2018-07-24

    This is CP_Breezy, but closer to what I'm hoping to turn it into. Probably shouldn't have added so much detail to the bridge so early, but meh.
  9. Flareblood

    cp_breezy_a2 cp_breezy_a2_fix

    Alpha 2
  10. Flareblood

    cp_breezy_a1 2018-07-20

    My second map. Decided to start on a new map. Sorry for no pictures. Hoping to get feedback on this one as well.
  11. Flareblood

    cp_underland_a1 cp_underland_a1_fix

    My first map. I know it sucks, but I'm hoping to get some feedback from the official TF2Maps server on how I can do better. I'm mostly trying to get a feel for the design of the map (and also how Hammer works), then I'll try out detailing.
  12. Erk

    CP - Snagged a9a

    As the tag line says, its a 3cp a/d map set with an alpine theme using Diva Dans trees which I'll link below. Very great textures: Very good trees:
  13. Mozz_Gaming

    Game_ui controls

    I’m currently in the process in building a death run map (had freezing issues with it but that was fixed in another thread :p) I am trying to build a mini game where the death is a final boss and controls a laser to point at the runners. The problem is this, I know that I would have to use a...
  14. Nivag

    How to make a 3CP gamemode?

    I'm trying to make a map with three control points, but I have no idea where to start. I've made the layout of the map, but I have no idea where to go or how to start. It's a gamemode similar to cp_warmfrost, btw.
  15. Don'tAsk4470

    Cp Grotto A1(Post-Sewage)

  16. ISPuddy

    Control Point !BEAM! 1.0

    [:eek:WARNING : STUPID F2P AHEAD!] do you want to make your own custom capture :cap: area with beam around them? :engienope: just use this ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what is this -the control point beam texture -no...