Asym2 Borealis A4A

Triage at Dawn

  1. Nicky
    I've been working on this A1 since mid-October to now. I'm really excited to see what people think about this, but I'm also nervous lol. While working on this map I ran into slight depression and multiple anxiety attacks. These weren't caused by working on the map, but they might be a big reason why I took so long to get this out.

    The entire B point is on an angle.

    I'm also really tired.

    The detailing on this map is very WiP, I just slapped some textures done and made some roofs be angles. I plan to have this map set at night time, and have a similar theme to Snowycoast. However the difference being that mine is closer to the water, and has a town setting at the end.

    20161204150403_1.jpg 20161204150438_1.jpg 20161204150500_1.jpg 20161204150607_1.jpg 20161204150600_1.jpg 20161204150516_1.jpg 20161204150547_1.jpg 20161212205631_1.jpg

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