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  1. Jung`C

    orange map 2021-12-18

    i just really love orange maps so me and my team made one plz enjoy :) steam account -
  2. AveOriginals

    Hammer compiling old map version. HELP!

    Hello, I have a problem, when I compile the map and enter the gmod, the old version of the map starts, what should I do? Compile log: ** Executing... ** Command: "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game...
  3. sunryze

    koth_valley a6

    Koth map with high ground and low ground. Multiple areas to snipe from and tailored to all classes. I'm updating this map based on feedback from the community.
  4. Fruit Digital

    koth_downward A2

    This is actually my first map and I really want to get better at it and continue to make these. Level and map design I feel is an extremely crucial part of video games and I hope to one day do this professionally :)
  5. Eishaaya

    I'm following along with crash's video series and the props more than an inch away won't show up

    Is there a setting I'm missing or something? (I'm using textured view)
  6. Mash Bruv

    [RESOLVED] Need help installing content pack

    Hello, I am very new to mapping and have just downloaded the japanese content pack. I extracted the zip into \Team Fortress 2\tf\custom (that's what it said in the readme) but nothing is showing up in hammer editor. When I open the Japan Prop Library in hammer editor everything has an "error"...
  7. Jaidendestroyer

    Forest Frontier A1

    Forest Frontier A forest themed mvm map hey, this is my first map, Forest Frontier! The missions for this map are just for testing, so if you have any ideas on what should be in the waves and mission be sure to say it :) Anyway, hope you have fun playing my map. Criticism Welcome!

    Hey newbie there

    There isn't much to talk about myself. Names Neyiran. Very new add maps Already made one but for like a day :/ Gonna improve if you help me :D Feel free to help me. I'll listen to your suggestions :) Can ask questions if you want. Oh by the way Im russian. Доказательство того что я русский...
  9. Castlemario

    How do I import models and use them in my TF2 map?

    Heya. I'm one of the newest members in the Map-making community, and I have issues that arent easily solved. for now though, I'll just ask one question. How do I import a custom model into my own map?
  10. Tango

    Black Ice _a8

    I made a very simple design. Copied from my first map ever. This is gonna be fun.
  11. Obroe

    Toovy v2_1

    First map I have made, so don't expect much. Had fun making it; have fun playing it!
  12. Tango

    cp_oil_moutain _a1_renmed

    A King Of The Hill Map in development changed to 3cp. Produced by a dumpster. Anyways the map features a mid point with bridges a hallowed out cylinder with a vent system below. Death pit to one side and a big undecided building to the other. After that 4 entrances into a building with a high...
  13. Pootis Ma Gootis

    koth_skybright A3

    My first map I ever did was trash and I ended up going criss cross from versions of hammer. Now I have fixed this problem. I am now releasing this map under the same name because I liked this name and mocks itself. At least in my mind it does. Anyways enjoy.
  14. Fellelin

    hello :p

    i have only recently been getting into mapping, did it a few years ago but i din't like it, suprise suprise i do know (almost adicted) anyhow i made my first map criticism is appreciated, and again hello@
  15. Mazata

    Old Maps, New Gamemodes!

    Have you ever thinked about something like cp_2fort, ctf_process or something like that? Well, I'm going to make it! I'm going to make a pack of old maps with new gamemodes! Tell me down below if you have an idea! The pack will be out soon!
  16. Nicky

    Asym2 Borealis A4A

    I've been working on this A1 since mid-October to now. I'm really excited to see what people think about this, but I'm also nervous lol. While working on this map I ran into slight depression and multiple anxiety attacks. These weren't caused by working on the map, but they might be a big reason...
  17. Crieng.

    KotH koth_stash

    koth_uusi - A new king of the hill map with a unique layout. My first map was cp_ionize for the summer 2016 72hour tf2 jam. But I was not happy about the end result. So I made this map! I learned a lot from the shitpile that is cp_ionize and I decided to make a new map from the things I...
  18. critMagnet

    Everything disappeared problem

    So today I launched a map i was working on yesterday, and all the props disappeared, spawn entities turned green (Half Life 2 spawn entities, I think?) everything was ungrouped and only the brushes and textures stayed. Is there a way to fix it?
  19. Hadditor

    Wannabe Mapper

    Hey guys, brand new here. I've been playing the game for a couple years and the recent publicity of the Mayann Project has piqued my interest in map making, and would love to give it a shot, I have a lot to learn however! Also, playing on new maps is one of the best things in this game. Do you...