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TF2Craps B1

"A Crazy Collection of Crap!"

  1. Nicky
    This year for April Fools, I present (with special thanks to Bakscratch)...



    A MAGICAL cartoon boss! Queen Elizabeth III (the Third) is tired of your shenanigans, and she wants you out! However, you wont go down without a fight, and neither will she. With over 6 different attacks and multiple phases, this killer boss is gonna smack you back to last Tuesday if you aren't on your toes. Shes brought to life through hand-drawn, 24 frames-per-second animation, made in the style of a 1930's cartoon. Every frame has been touched with love, passion, and dedication towards the craft of traditional animation.



    Don't worry, Saxton's got you covered!


    Fight over control of the last movie theater in the world! What secrets lie inside? Nobody knows...well, what we do know is that the theater's got reclining chairs, intense surround-sound systems, and smell-o-vision, which really helps immerse you in the film.

    screenshot_cinema_blue.jpg screenshot_red_side.jpg


    And thats not all folks! There is
    even more in the map that isn't shown here! So get out there and play with your friends, I hope you have as much fun playing this map as I did making it!


    @Bakscratch for some modeling and testing help
    Some assets from Frontline
    Blue carpet texture from TheoF114
    Some Stats about the development:
    • 200+ hours used
    • 1 SAT took
    • $43.80 spent (tracing paper and light box for animation)
      • This map had an actual budget lmao we professional boys out here

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  1. Jack5
    Version: B1
    I think my ears are dead.