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-Moved some health packs a tiny bit
-Hid the door of BLU's 2nd spawn, which becomes not hidden when the spawn comes into play
Borealis A4 Changelog:

-Slightly detailed the exterior of BLU's 1st spawn (as seen in the WiP thread post)
-Adjusted spawn times for A; RED 5 to 4 seconds, BLU 6 to 7 seconds
-Put clipping around some of the rocks at A to make them easier to stand on
-Blocked a sightline in B
-Removed BLU's right flank from B, now it goes into heigh advantage over the wooden track area, hoping to make the combat more focused
-Added some more to the wood platform at B so it looks better
-Moved B's sentry spot over a bit and redesigned it so its not all be the same building/hallway
-Added a way to get onto the sentry spot without having to take a huge detour
-Added some more ammo pickups at B, along with changing a medium ammo to a large one
-Moved the C point back to be closer to the entrance of C
-Removed the handrails from C's platform
-Moved the C sentry spot to accommodate the movement of the C point
-This was done by adjusting pickup placements and creating more pathways​
-Adjusted BLU's left flank on C to try and make it more useful
-Added stairs to the wooden platform outside the beginning of the C building to hopefully make it easier for BLU to use the flank it connects to
-Added an ammo pack to the right side of the BLU side of the C building
-Adjusted height levels in the right side of the BLU side of the C building
-Made BLU's right flank into C have a better room for BLU to hold in, so it doesn't just straight up dump people onto the point
-Made a ramp in C not go through a support
-Removed the left flank onto D in hopes to make the combat more focused, as well as make the other flanks more used
-Added health and ammo to the right flank of D
Borealis A3 Changes:

-Made it brighter under the bridges at A
-Adjusted respawn times during A so RED respawns quicker, and BLU a bit slower
-Made the cart spawn 128 units back
-Changed a medium ammo pack to a large one on A
-Made the hill after A go downward, so BLU isn't always at a height disadvantage
-Made the entire B point lower because of this
-Adjusted the connector building to the right of A so BLU is more likely to use it when flanking B
-Moved RED's first spawn back more to make it less awkward and to free up more room in the hallway
-Hid the exit door of BLU's second spawn until the spawn becomes in use
-Adjusted some timings with the cart explosion at the end

In the previous test some people mentioned the area with the B point felt kinda cramped, but I kept it the same to see if the problem keeps persisting.
I have ideas to open it up more and make it less claustrophobic, but I'll act on those if needed in the next version. Thank you all who gave feedback!

Some screenshots of parts that changed:

Borealis A2 Changes:

-Blocked a sightline coming from a building near A to BLU's first spawn
-Added a resupply cabinet to RED's forward spawn near C
-Changed how RED's C spawn works, it originally gets enabled when B is capture and disabled (spawn is moved to last) when the cart enters the C area, but it now also disables after 60 seconds of B being captured.
-Blocked a sightline from C to D
-Removed an extra cap point model in B
-Made the corridor that the C point is in wider by 64 units
-Disabled collisions and properly clipped the railings on C
-Moved RED's first spawn over and back a bit to give them more room
-Made the hallway with RED's first spawn bigger
-Added a pathway to the other end of RED's first spawn, which opens when B is capped
-Added a stairway to get onto the elevated ground near A after the point
-Removed sightline blockers in D's upper level
-Adjusted RED's spawn at last (moved it back a bit)
-Made all of BLU's forward spawns to be two way
-Added resupply cabinets to BLU's forward spawns
-Fixed a minor detail with a door near A (thanks Mud!)
-Clipped the light posts in D's flank route so you dont get stuck on them
-Adjusted the placement of a full ammo pack on D

Not a whole lot of gameplay changes in this update, I wanted to fix these few things then see how it plays again, to see if the teams had any issue with imbalancing the map. However I do have ideas to change areas on the map if needed in the next version.
Thank you all who gave feedback, it is very much appreciated! If you have anymore, feel free to let me know here!