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  1. djmatt18000

    missing fortress a4

    a nice cp map using dev textures
  2. Rbstat

    fd_prefab 2023-01-01

    A prefab for my custom gamemode Flag Defense (or FD for short) Inside this you should find all the map logic to make the gamemode work. Most importantly being: * A set of three intel briecases with which blu team caps. (theres also a briecase for red but it's disabled by default) * A point...
  3. Rbstat

    fd_grey 2023-01-01

    New Year... New Map!!! I started this map like last year at most. Mainly as a map designed to quickly show off my custom game mode Flag Defense (or FD for short) that I had come up with. As such this is all dev textures, Hence the name. The goal is simple! Grab the Enemy Intel and take it to...
  4. bajablink

    koth_bump A2 as bsp

    I tried to make the most casual map possible. It succeeded greatly.
  5. The Marxinator

    cp_skyway_seiban_b1 b1

    A linear symmetrical CP map with three points. Each team controls one side objective by default. There is a central objective which must be captured before the opposing team's point may be captured. A skyway extends over the central objective linking the side objectives. Only a door separates...
  6. Pyrollenium

    coopmap a6

  7. AlexCookie

    Orange Air B4

    Revamped Orange in snowy theme.
  8. Kyzer

    [7/16/19] Kyzer's DevTex Pack - Dark Nodraws F4

    Screenshots: This pack is kept updated periodically. =================================================== Update F3.2: devtex/toolsnodraw_black devtex/toolsnodraw_transparent (SEE NOTE!) NOTE: nodraw_transparent LEAKS!!! Do not use it to seal a map! It's intended to be used so you can...