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  1. FloofCollie

    Material that doesn't block or cast light

    I'm looking to create a variant of nodraw that doesn't block light (skybox won't work because it casts light) while still being able to seal areaportals. VDC says Dark Messiah has this variant but I don't own the game to check. What would I need to put to get this effect?
  2. Diva Dan

    Bonesaw Assets +VMF release

    This ZIP file contains every unique asset and file relevant to Bonesaw, including the .VMF file. This isn't a completely exhaustive list, as it doesn't include assets from non-bespoke asset packs. This only contains all content made specifically for Bonesaw. This is essentially the same ZIP...
  3. B!scuit

    batch_vmt 1.0.0

    So I threw together a batch tool from old code with encouragement from: - Mr. Will Alfred#2750 - evader#7238 - Emil_Rusboi#5083 The first release is pretty basic, and requires you copy the .exe to your materials folder, but it works! It uses a template system, any keywords (e.g...
  4. ProfesorGamer | DinoFlyer

    [FIXED] Default Materials aren't being loaded during compile

    I'm trying to compile a very basic map (only a few brushes and a spawnpoint). However, whenever I try to compile it I get the same error (ie. material "tools/toolsskybox" not found). I followed a reddit post to install hammer editor on Linux I've tried changing the materialPath to tf/materials...
  5. Diva Dan

    Dan's Laughter and Slaughter Assets v1

    Installation: -Place the contents of the "tf" folder into your own "tf" folder or in a "custom" folder of your choosing. Credits: Mann meat can: Diva Dan and Void Everything else: Diva Dan And of course, credit to valve for lots of asset bases! -Ferris wheel comes...
  6. r0nii

    $ssbump work not like it should in some places. (solved)

    im using the texture nature/blendrockgroundwall003 and mostly combined with nature/blendrockground005. but its really visible that those are not the same texture because the nature/blendrockgroundwall003 is lighter then the other one cause of the %ssbump in the script. But that not the problem...
  7. Originope

    Originope's Improved Material Browser July 6 2019

    This pack adds the "tf" tag to all of TF2's material files that are missing it, as well as both "tf" and "dev" keywords to few dev textures. To install it, place it in steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom
  8. fuzzymellow

    Fuzzy's Official Jungle Grass Release Pack! 1.0

    Fuzzy's gone and done it!! After sitting in a backup drive for almost half a year, hopefully it was all worth the wait. This .zip includes everything you need to put some grass in your art pass and then some! Major thanks to @Void for getting this all ready and to all of those who were nice...
  9. TheGhostThatWas

    Sean "heyo" Cutino's Jungle Asset Pack 2017-06-20

    Models and materials created by heyo, used on pl_borneo. Redestributed with permission.
  10. Kyzer

    [7/16/19] Kyzer's DevTex Pack - Dark Nodraws F4

    Screenshots: This pack is kept updated periodically. =================================================== Update F3.2: devtex/toolsnodraw_black devtex/toolsnodraw_transparent (SEE NOTE!) NOTE: nodraw_transparent LEAKS!!! Do not use it to seal a map! It's intended to be used so you can...