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  1. SuperLuxDeluxe

    Dev Ice Texture Fixed 2023-05-06

    Fix to dev_measureice01. The version supplied in the game incorrectly uses the VertexLitGeneric shader (used for models) instead of the correct LightmappedGeneric shader. As a result it doesn't seal and interacts with lighting VERY STRANGELY (based on light at player location). This is a...

    koth_subsystem A2.5

    Koth_Subsystem is a classic king of the hill metro themed map

    koth_coldline b2.5

    ColdLine is a king of the hill map made especially for christmas, containing 3 routes to get to the point, at the point features a sneaky path under the bridge with a medium health pack Thanks for all feedback. steam workshop gamebanana
  4. Endermage77

    Too Many dev_measuregeneric01 Textures v1

    Do you need more flavors of dev_measuregeneric01 than you know what do to with? Then this is the pack for you! This pack includes way more dev_measuregeneric01 variants than any sane human is ever going to need: Variants based on metals! Variants with new colors, old ones, a whole slew of...
  5. Aapelikaeki

    Cakey's Alpha Stairs Prefab V1

    Stairs! They help make your alpha maps look good, and by having consistent ratios and sizes you're doing your future self a favor! Or you would be, were you not so lazy as to just slap a hastily made ramps around your map. Fear not, this staircase prefab is here to help. Featuring 16, 32, 48...
  6. nettsen

    koth_buttercup Version 0.1

    Trying my best for the first map. Its still getting worked on but i wanted to share my work with the best. First map is always shit..i want to try to make some good out of it.
  7. Fault in Maps

    7 Flat [Single Color] Skyboxes V2

    7 Single Color skyboxes for whatever purpose you might find for them? Made cause I needed a pure white background for a different project, figured I'd compile a little collection. Included skyboxes: BLACK - sky_flatblack_01 BLUE - sky_flatblue_01 (bluteam blue) BROWN - sky_flatbrown_01...
  8. dellker lelker

    vsh_four_square_2 a1

    The map is a square with four sides. Each side has a main color and the opposite color is ether health and ammo or a jump pad. It a very small map. Specifically 2688 HU wide. It has a very tall sky box. Every wall on the map is a dev texture.
  9. ivan.

    High Ground A2

    King of the Hill map with the cap point being the highest point on the map. While this gives the defenders a big advantage, the offensive team have multiple options to take the point. The offensive team can take the low ground near the ledge to hide from the defenders on top. ..Or they can...
  10. A Keyboard

    koth_trafficked a3a

    A simple, compact KOTH map including trains that activate when either team caps the point. Looking for feedback on layout, sightlines and train explots/bugs. The goal of this map is to refresh myself of the techniques and aspects involved for level design in the source engine, including...
  11. Dr. Medicine

    2020 Map a3v2

    This is my first map ever, as well as my first download on this site. I'm excited to bring you all a (currently) unnamed map that takes place in an industrial warehouse that takes great inspiration from Well and Powerhouse. This is a 5 CP map with areas taking place inside and outside, on high...
  12. Squaggies

    Lecture A5

    -accidently uploaded in the wrong category lol- (Jam Release) This is my first actual map that ive made and it's still very rough around the edges hopefully it's good enough for here as a release of it
  13. BurntVenom

    pass_ulama b1

    The Mesoamerican Ballgame is one of the world's oldest sports, dating back to the 1600s BCE. In this pre-columbian game, players were tasked with launching a rubber ball through a vertical "hoop" located high in the air by using only their hips, legs, and forearms. Players were placed on two...
  14. MirScout

    gravebyss A1_002

    Open dev textured wide and with cliffs map reporting! Used: Frontline pack; Arrows pack Birbs Some mumble... dev textures. I cant find dat, forgive me T_T "I love this map." credit: ME
  15. Jakcie Chan

    pl_genericbuilding a4

    Hi, I made this first map to teach myself how to overall publish maps onto this site and experiencing play testing as a creator. I made this map to try and make flanking classes like scout or pyro be able to still do something vs red engies while making red still be able to defend. I did this...
  16. Vermelho

    Desertland v4

    First mvm map I created, there is support for tanks, engineerbots, sniperbots and spybots. Included are single player MvM waves. Put it in the maps folder.
  17. I Want To Die

    koth_devfort 2019-08-04

    I'm sorry if the map isn't that good, I haven't tried mapping for quite a while, and I'm also sorry if I put a file that is unnecessary. I put a .vmf file just because if anyone wants to edit this map. My Steam:
  18. HOI

    HOI Dev and Cow Textures b1

    The zip file contains a materials folder which contains folders hoi_dev_128 and hoi_moo, allowing you to install one or both of the sets of textures. Just copy the desired folder(s) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These textures are used in...
  19. FloofCollie

    Randomgen A3

    Just what it says! Using logic_case, this map is made from chunks of func_brushes that are randomly selected so that each round is different! (Map is mirrored too) No need to use a program beforehand! It's more of a proof-of-concept for an idea I have, so the layouts don't vary much in height...
  20. Captain Cactus

    Hut a2

    My first complete map, just a basic king of the hill. The control point is in a hut, or at least it's gonna be a hut after it's textured.