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  1. P-4rio

    CPR A/D Race. release 1

    5CP is Control Point Tug of War, Not Attack/Defense Race. THIS is Attack/Defense Race. (While still similar to 3cp with extra steps) It has geometry similar to Payload Race maps with Point 1 being a near-free cap, Point 2 being on middle, and last being in the enemy base. Hard to capture.
  2. @Psycho on Steam

    Rocketman 1

    Glitch style artwork of the Soldier by me.
  3. ethosaur

    pl_slopandslime b2

    Slop & Slime?... in TF2? You heard it right! A new, and completely original, full-conversion TF2 Payload map! This is a little "made for fun" art project, or call it what you will, thing for TF2. I will continue to polish and update it with time when I can, however, I never really intended...
  4. Squaggies

    Silencing the Announcer or Other Game Sounds (Replacing too!)

    Shutting up specific voice lines (like the announcer) is more convoluted than I expected, and finding a solution was difficult so I’m making a thread on how to do it with style, and with this method you can not only remove the voicelines, but you can replace them with custom ones too! This...
  5. squeezit

    Slime Time Assets V1

    I never realized that I didn't release these! Could be nice for anyone who wants to spice up their spooky maps with some GREEN SLIIIIME! Comes with the cart prefab! Feel free to check out the home map to see these in action Please credit if used!
  6. Cyberen

    Attemped to precache unknown particle system

    I'm working on my map, and it uses a custom particle effect. It works fine in-game but every time I load the map the console is flooded with the following: Attemped to precache unknown particle system "wormhole_purple_large_sparks"! Attemped to precache unknown particle system...
  7. Le Codex

    Zombie Defense Prefab V2

    This is the prefab used to make the map Sarex and I submitted for the 20th Microcontest. The gamemode is basically asymmetric Arena (only RED team has one life), combined with A/D (BLU team are zombies who only have access to melee that can win by capping one of two points). Troubleshooting and...
  8. Yaki

    Mitochondria A3

    Generator Destruction (GD for short) is a custom game mode in which players must shoot up a generator on the opposing team and destroy it to win. There are different versions of GD made by the community. In my version, the generator is invulnerable, until two separate batteries are destroyed in...
  9. XEnderFaceX

    Custom Objective

    Hey, I want to have an Objective Display like this in my Map, how can i make these? (example map is pl_terror by ics) Thanks in advance
  10. Aulli

    Siege A1

    RD based mode, where you escort your tank to the enemy side where it shoots at their thingy, steadily creating cores. Destroying an enemy tank spawns some cores and sends out your own tank in return. Made in 24 hours for Microcontest 15
  11. Ray is Sucky

    Sign templates and custom signs used by me 2021-03-31

    [ the zip file includes the vmt files for the overlays and the png and jpg files for the templates
  12. DoktorWojna

    vsh_przekop_a3 a3

    Map inspired by the project "Shipping canal on the Wiślana Spit". Still work in progress.
  13. True lemon

    GD Bomba A1

    I'm back on my crazy business with custom gamemodes. GD_Bomba is a Generator Defense map. It's very simple to understand. 1. Capture Control Point 2. Find the enemy Generator and attack it 3. And if they capture the Point, defend your Generator. Made for the Rule of Threes Contest. Also if...
  14. NutRubber

    Trouble with 3rd Party Props

    Hi there, I've been tinkering with Hammer the past couple weeks and have been developing a test map which is basically a house disguised as nothing but a glorified cube. I downloaded community made props for the map to add more variety. I asked a friend if she could upload the map to her server...
  15. Ismaciodismorphus

    Darock texture 2021-01-17

    To get texture to work extract into your custom subfolder in your tf folder the texture is named cookin1 in hammer and is transparent
  16. SnickerPuffs

    Snicker's Colored Concrete Mini-Pack v1

    I wanted to have a less-bad version of concrete/wall011b, so I made one! ...and several variants. COMES WITH: - Four colors! (Blue, Red, Green, and White) - Four styles for each color! (Standard, Light Stripes on Uncolored, Dark Stripes on Uncolored, and Stripeless) INSTALLATION: To use...
  17. SnickerPuffs

    Snicker's Jokesigns v2

    Inspired by (basically just a rip-off of) @Velvott's "Really Stupid Sign Edits" To download, extract the "materials" folder and drop it in your "tf" folder.
  18. Yelta + 옐다

    Portal textures not working

    EDIT: I fixed it! If you export the texture as tga and import it with version 7.2, it works! I'll leave this online though if someone has the same problem. Also, to speed this progress up (would take quite a while to do this manually for 200 files), there is a neat tool...
  19. Layla

    PolarPlant base decals 2020-08-01

    This is the logos I made for Waugh101's art pass of Sirc's PolarPlant map! Behold, RED's Polar Power and BLU's Arctic Energy! (VTFs and VMFs in the download!) In game shot: The logos on their own:
  20. BackSun

    Do MVM soundscripts work?

    Hi all, I've been trying to add a soundscript to my map but have been running into difficulty. I have gotten the soundscript to work on several non-MVM maps, so I know that it is formatted correctly, but as soon as I rename it to match an MVM map (my own or otherwise) it stops working. I have...