1. Volęger

    Custom model for a medkit/ammopack

    Hello, Me and my friend were looking for making our own custom model and use it for a medkit. My friend managed to create a testing model, it works, rotates as a pickup should. But when I tell item_healthkit_full to use our custom model, in game it just goes straight down to the ground, no...
  2. Sae35™

    Map not properly registering custom assets when they're packed.

    (Fair warning: While this map is for Open Fortress, this may be a Source issue or a VIDE issue. I'm posting the issue here because of that.) Hello. Lately, I've been having issues where despite packing a map with required assets, it wouldn't load them, being filled with errors. Despite the...
  3. AsheMosterMashe

    Custom medkit/health pack sound for my custom map?

    I'm trying to recreate the ring pickups from the early 3D Sonic games to replace small health packs and have everything working except for sound. I'm struggling to get ambient sound to play loud enough to hear, but even with that fixed the default health pickup sound would still play over it...
  4. FGD5

    Make your own Truck Trailer 2024-03-07

    A template so you can make your own truck trailers with custom signs Included is a compiled example with placeholder textures, the source models, QC file, .tga files and .xcf/.psd files for easy editing. When you've edited it to your liking it'll slot right on the More Vehicles truck flatbed...
  5. Pickle Da Goldfish

    Need help getting specific payload cart behavior.

    So, I've been experimenting with the func_tracktrain's acceleration and deceleration variables to try to get this to work but have not been successful. Here's the behavior I'm trying to get: 1. Payload cart moves forward automatically after setup time 2. During rollback, payload cart moves...
  6. PureAdvantageCamel

    Camelfeez (Temp Name) a1

    So basically i made this map, hated the gamemode so i made this. yes its lazy but i like it so yeah.
  7. XEnderFaceX

    Change to "Lab" instead of "Exit"

    Hey, I'm not really experienced in Model Creation, so i wanna ask, is it difficult to remodel this Prop to have it say "Lab" instead of "Exit"? Preferably in the same font and everything. Thanks in advance
  8. PureAdvantageCamel

    Symmetrical Gravel Pit Prefab (v2) v2

    ok so yall know gravel pit? so yknow 3cp? its like a mash of both! all you gotta do to use this is: download the vmf copy/paste it into ur map change the TODO's on the point names to what they are place the points and capture triggers in the appropriate locations make sure nothing else...
  9. space mann

    72hr Jam 2023 Gobful 1.0

    An experimental map with four minigames: Demoman BBall Soldier Instagib Spy One-in-the-Cylinder Heavy Boxing uses give_tf_weapon shoot the portaits to pick a game! made by teapot and spacemann
  10. adam2

    [Tutorial] Creating Custom 2D Skyboxes for Team Fortress 2 using Blender

    Introduction Welcome to my guide on how to create skyboxes for Team Fortress 2 (and other source games) using Blender as our method of creating the skybox! With this guide you can expect a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create both HDR and non-HDR skyboxes. The method used may be used for...
  11. I will explode

    Bar stealing a1

    You need to go to the middle to steal the bottles and bring them to your side
  12. dabmasterars

    King of the Hill with an airstrike (gamemode prefab) V5

    BASICS This King of the Hill gamemode variation has a secondary point. The point can be captured after the main point by the losing team. Capturing this point launches the airstrike: both main and secondary points are locked and reset, the doors slowly close and an airstrike happens, killing...
  13. collacot

    BulletRace A4C

    An variation on payload race where you have to shoot a target to make your team's cart move. Includes powerups, events, and a dynamic target.
  14. PureAdvantageCamel

    htf prefab (hold the flag) [ARCHIVE] a1

    HOW TO USE: place the logic outside the map. place the flag in a center position on the map. GAMEPLAY USE: this mode consists of a neutral flag in the center of the map, and each team must hold the flag for 90 total seconds. make sure to place a func_flag_alert (and also set an output to drop...
  15. PureAdvantageCamel

    ter_inception a4c

    using my prefab (found on my downloads list) i made this.
  16. Roboto

    CPR A/D Race. release 1

    5CP is Control Point Tug of War, Not Attack/Defense Race. THIS is Attack/Defense Race. (While still similar to 3cp with extra steps) It has geometry similar to Payload Race maps with Point 1 being a near-free cap, Point 2 being on middle, and last being in the enemy base. Hard to capture.
  17. @Psycho on Steam

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Rocketman 1

    Glitch style artwork of the Soldier by me.
  18. ethosaur

    pl_slopandslime b2

    Slop & Slime?... in TF2? You heard it right! A new, and completely original, full-conversion TF2 Payload map! This is a little "made for fun" art project, or call it what you will, thing for TF2. I will continue to polish and update it with time when I can, however, I never really intended...
  19. Squaggies

    Silencing the Announcer or Other Game Sounds (Replacing too!)

    Shutting up specific voice lines (like the announcer) is more convoluted than I expected, and finding a solution was difficult so I’m making a thread on how to do it with style, and with this method you can not only remove the voicelines, but you can replace them with custom ones too! This...
  20. MacRipley

    Slime Time Assets V1

    I never realized that I didn't release these! Could be nice for anyone who wants to spice up their spooky maps with some GREEN SLIIIIME! Comes with the cart prefab! Feel free to check out the home map to see these in action Please credit if used!