[TUTORIAL] func_rotating FIX (func_rotating + logic_measure_movement)

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    This workaround is completely obsolete! Valve has fixed func_rotating in the 19/20/2018 update.

    Note: special thanks to @Spipper for setting up the example .vmf and verifying this, I'm making this thread so that this can be found easier

    Ever thought that func_rotating didn't work in TF2? Wrong, it works but it doesn't update visually. However there is a neat workaround to this that I thought up.

    This effectively makes the func_rotating alternatives obsolete, as func_rotating has far better options for control, and this method is very easy to set up.

    All you need is :

    - func_rotating
    - Whatever you want to use as the visual func_rotating (this can be a func_brush, or a prop_dynamic)
    - info_target
    - logic_measure_movement

    First, create the func_rotating and give it a name. You should make this func_rotating invisible, with either the Don't Render mode or Invisible tool texture.
    Second, create a info_target and give it a name. This will act as a placeholder of the func_rotating (you should place this in the same place as the func_rotating), which will be used for the logic_measure_movement.
    Third, create the visual entity which will display the rotation, and give it a name. This could be for example a prop_dynamic, or a func_brush. I recommend you make this entity non-solid, as remember that the func_rotating will still have collisions unless you set it not to have any.
    Fourth, create a logic_measure_movement, and do the following:
    • Set the Entity to Measure as the name of your func_rotating.
    • Set the Measure Reference as the name of your info_target.
    • Set the Entity to Move as the name of your visual entity.
    • Set the Movement Reference as the name of your info_target.
    And there you go, you now have a functioning func_rotating. You can set the movement sound, acceleration/deceleration, stop/start whenever you like and so on.

    Again, thanks to @Spipper for verifying this and creating the example .vmf, have fun.

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    You would think after 10 years Valve would have fixed this by now, especially since they do use the entity in official maps.

    Question, will the rotated object push players in the rotation path? This was one of my pet peeves with all of the other workarounds I found.
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    You need to try it, but probably yes (as the collisions still work on the func_rotating)