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  1. I Darkstar X

    Parenting path_tracks via logic_measure_movement

    So I'm trying to make a boss that hovers above players while it shoots at them, but I didn't want it to teleport around since that would be really jarring, so I came up with the idea that I could use path_tracks and the infameous LMM to accomplish a smooth movement over players' heads. However...
  2. ficool2

    [TUTORIAL] func_rotating FIX (func_rotating + logic_measure_movement)

    This workaround is completely obsolete! Valve has fixed func_rotating in the 19/20/2018 update. Note: special thanks to @Spipper for setting up the example .vmf and verifying this, I'm making this thread so that this can be found easier Ever thought that func_rotating didn't work in TF2...