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  1. Святик Снюсоед

    Old player

    I start playing in TF2 at 2020 year
  2. ficool2

    [TUTORIAL] func_rotating FIX (func_rotating + logic_measure_movement)

    This workaround is completely obsolete! Valve has fixed func_rotating in the 19/20/2018 update. Note: special thanks to @Spipper for setting up the example .vmf and verifying this, I'm making this thread so that this can be found easier Ever thought that func_rotating didn't work in TF2...
  3. Mozz_Gaming

    Game_ui controls

    I’m currently in the process in building a death run map (had freezing issues with it but that was fixed in another thread :p) I am trying to build a mini game where the death is a final boss and controls a laser to point at the runners. The problem is this, I know that I would have to use a...
  4. FloofCollie

    Two Questions (Soundscapes and displacements)

    FIRST QUESTION Okay, so, first off: I've seen 3kliksphillip's video on soundscapes, and they've worked in the past for me. I've only ever used them by placing them as prefabs from A Boojum Snark's Soundscapes library, and I noticed they often have one to four info_targets grouped with them. What...