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  1. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Propper/ Maximum of Brushes

    Hello there, Hammer lets me compile my map, but doesn't apply the changes I've made, keeping it in its previous state. According to the compile log checker I have more brushes on my map than the limit. However, according to the compile log I'm still under the limit of 8192 brushes (99,3%). Does...
  2. Ðoge

    Default doors improved rc1

    Zero custom content, only in game textures and models For installation - place prefab folder to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
  3. FamyCHoff

    graphic bug with brush with fog texture

    There was a bug with a brush with a fog texture. If you surrender, a beetle will appear, and if you get closer to a certain distance, it will disappear. How can this error be corrected? p.s. rear if that displacement
  4. Cyberen

    Map won't compile, but there's no leaks!

    So my map is big, and it's composed of nine large rooms that players are teleported to in order. But on my most recent compile it reverted to an old version! Anyone have any idea why it's giving me these errors, even though there's no pointfile and I can see the portal file? FIXED! Turns out I...
  5. Zeus

    Paint Brush Pack 3

    Alpha's I've personally been using inside of Substance and Gimp for doing textures. Most of these come from the offical Team Fortress 2 game textures, mostly ones named "patch00x". I may find other suitable watercolor type brushes that I will include in this pack in the future Enjoy!
  6. samuelkeller64

    Dev Textures "On Grid"

    I'm new to to mapping and have played a few imps with the Steam group. One common comment I've seen is when maps aren't "on grid", which seems to refer to the dev textures not lining up with the lines provided (the 64x64 ones I assume). I've noticed that with my maps that I've been trying to...
  7. AlexEatDonut

    Brush based Tracks V1.2

    Finally i'm doing something more than just a map. I made those to help me make PL maps, and hopefully other people will find a use for it. The idea is that you have tracks that can be modified to suit your map, terrain, displacement, whatever you want. If you want to use them, at least credit me...
  8. HOI

    Brush Font for Jump Maps b1

    The alphanumeric characters are based off of those from the fantastic Oat's Jump Mapping Resource Pack, with some small changes which I feel improve the readability of the font. I have also included some other characters and some example usage for labels and stage numbers. The image is a...
  9. Off My Meds

    Brushs to Models

    Hey everyone, Ive been looking around and have seen some different opinions, so I was wondering what is the easiest way to convert your brush work into models, any resources, or step by step guides that are still up to date and relevant would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. ficool2

    [TUTORIAL] func_rotating FIX (func_rotating + logic_measure_movement)

    This workaround is completely obsolete! Valve has fixed func_rotating in the 19/20/2018 update. Note: special thanks to @Spipper for setting up the example .vmf and verifying this, I'm making this thread so that this can be found easier Ever thought that func_rotating didn't work in TF2...
  11. Pixel Brush

    Paint Roller Brush a1

    Made for koth_netherlands: Used for a couple of these:
  12. Pominalis

    Stuck in a spinning brush, need help

    I've been working on this map for a long time and have gone through many iterations of it. My latest idea of a giant auger in the middle of the map was cool, but it was just a fancy death pit. I isolated it in a test map but found that trying to stand on it just gets you stuck as it rotates...
  13. ficool2

    Is it okay to move brushes 0.5 or 0.25 units offgrid?

    I am making a map with some bumpmapped materials, and decals/overlays don't work on it. So I thought of a work around to make a nodraw func_illusionary with the top textured. I just want to quickly ask, is it okay if I move it using the Transform tool 0.5 or 0.25 units down? I know about the...
  14. Sock

    How to make a brush that clips only players (not rockets)?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to hammer, so this might be a bit of a noob question. I'm making a glass wall that I wish projectiles (like rockets) to pass through. I found the "Clip" texture, but I want to use a glass texture instead of the clip...
  15. suber36g

    Can you make a Func_brush rotate and move up & down?

    Is it Possible to make a func_brush rotate and move up and down? If not, is it possible to have an brush to be translucent, have no collision, rotate and can move up & down?
  16. Da Spud Lord

    Completely Dark Brush Face

    I am having a weird problem. One of my brush faces is appearing as completely black, no matter what, even though all of the other nearby brushes are very well lit. Here's a screenshot in game: Here's a screenshot in Hammer: (The highlighted brush is the one having problems) The weird part is...
  17. TF2CutContent

    Setting default texture? And proper handling of corners?

    -snip quitting-
  18. Mikroscopic

    Gross ugly shadows on brushes, face is completely black (not being racist)

    Help The brush faces are black and I don't know why. I'm using -final -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropPolys and -TextureShadows. Yes I know it ought to be made into a model but I really want to get this uploaded to the workshop soon. Also ignore the atrocious brushwork on the sphere.