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  1. SuperLuxDeluxe

    Dev Ice Texture Fixed 2023-05-06

    Fix to dev_measureice01. The version supplied in the game incorrectly uses the VertexLitGeneric shader (used for models) instead of the correct LightmappedGeneric shader. As a result it doesn't seal and interacts with lighting VERY STRANGELY (based on light at player location). This is a...
  2. Cindycomma

    A very frustrating cubemap bug

    I've been using a lot of reflective textures on my map arena_crosstalk. After the final compile of B1, I noticed that the cubemaps are... slanted? In my B2 compiles, the cubemap rotation stays, and I've tried experiment after experiment trying to fix this annoying issue. The checkerboard...
  3. KaydemonLP

    How to make your custom soundscapes work on the workshop

    So I've seen a lot of workshop maps have somethign akin to "THIS MAP HAS CUSTOM SOUNDSCAPES, WHICH DO NOT WORK WITH MAPS FROM THE WORKSHOP! FOR WORKING SOUNDSCAPES DOWNLOAD HERE: X" So I investigated and figured out a way to fix this problem. This guide will assume you already know how to pack...
  4. pont

    Matte Pipes v1

    this contains all industrial_pipe, 2pipe, and 3pipe sections edited to remove their envmap and phong material proxies, allowing the engine to calculate per-vertex lighting data. this also means that they will be accurately lit in dark environments. for comparison, the stock version is on the...
  5. Suna

    Concretewall012z - fixed v1

    Valve never bothered to fix the compression that is found on the original texture, so this removes it. (also makes the blue a bit bolder) Feel free to alter this any way you like.
  6. drawdel

    tr_aim_training_b13 corrupt map fix

    When I try to load tr_aim_training_b13 my tf2 crashes and says "cannot load corrupt map" Judging by these comments, other people have the same problem and the problem started in the last ≈5 months. Did valve break the map with an update? I would really appreciate it if someone would fix/update...
  7. CommanderBopo

    Error opening

    Trying to edit a map from my friend but having an issue compiling it. I have done nothing to his original map that was working fine before I tried to run it. Any help would be great as I am only a couple weeks new to mapping. materialPath: C:\Program Files...
  8. ficool2

    func_rotating complete FIX (removing 1 broken spawnflag)

    This fix is obsolete! Valve has fixed this in the 20/12/2018 update. func_rotating has been broken in TF2 since release due to a spawnflag that has never been fixed. func_rotating has a spawnflag with the number 16, and this is defined as Clientside Rotation in code. However, this spawnflag...
  9. ficool2

    [TUTORIAL] func_rotating FIX (func_rotating + logic_measure_movement)

    This workaround is completely obsolete! Valve has fixed func_rotating in the 19/20/2018 update. Note: special thanks to @Spipper for setting up the example .vmf and verifying this, I'm making this thread so that this can be found easier Ever thought that func_rotating didn't work in TF2...
  10. XEnderFaceX

    Leak in my Map?

    Hi For some reason my map aparently Leaks? I dont use AreaPortals, so its not that they leak when i go to Map ---> Load Pointfile, it doesnt show me a leak. How to fix?
  11. Stili_z301™

    is there a way to fix textures on skybox props?

    can it be fixed?its the same ingame
  12. The Siphon

    [TIP] Fixing glitching brushes in 3D window

    I had this problem today with my SFM map: If you have the same problem, don't worry the fix is quite simple. This error was caused by a displacement that had a nodraw texture surface. Basically it was a nodraw brush made into a displacement. To fix this, simply change the texture (should...
  13. MaccyF

    Brick/brickwall004_ Fix v1

    Includes: Brick/brickwall004_fix Brick/brickwall004c_fix Brick/brickwall004d_fix Brick/brickwall004e_fix which are identical to their sans _fix counterparts but with less noisy bumpmaps taken from brick/brickwall002 in an attempt to reduce the visual clutter that the original textures cause.
  14. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Pass Time Prefab [IMPROVED+FIXES] V1

    Improved PASS Time Prefab with Fixes As much as I love PASS Time, have high & better expectations on it, I decided to create another Prefab for the Pass time due to several issues that the original prefab has. So please read every single thing that I wrote in this thread if you're about to...