CP stoneyridge rc2


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Aug 19, 2009
Snow themed, two point, attack/defend map (like cp_gorge).

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This is a penny arcade community map that was started around the same time as the art-pass project competition (2009ish?).

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating cp_stoneyridge. It has gone through a lot of iterations over the years so be sure to check out the latest version.

Huge thanks everyone who helped.

Mapping crew:
  • Crash - Detailing/ Clipping/ Optimization/ Promotional Items
  • Xzzy - Lighting/ Optimization /Detailing/ Animation
  • Hey You - Layout/ Original Project Concept/ Detailing/ Optimization/ Marketing-Advertising /Organization

  • Xzzy - Explosion Tower
  • Crash - Crash Construction Overlay
  • Littleboots - Original Tower/bomb creator/designer and feedback contributor in early stages of creation
  • FissionMetroid - Particle creator

Special Thanks to:
  • PMavers and the PA TF2 Community for testing every version since alpha
  • test crew and community
  • Fr0Z3n for all the quality feedback and helping us when needed
  • Bloodhound and the rest of the TF2Xploits crew for feedback and testing
  • theharribokid and yyler for hosting gamedays and always providing an outlet for map testing
  • And anyone else who has helped us test and has given us feedback
  • Valve - For an awesome game and providing us with the tools to make it better
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Fruity Snacks

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Sep 5, 2010
Ooo, I like the theme idea.

Looks pretty good, only thing i see just off the bat is in the 4th screen that looks like a minor sightline, and maybe *maybe* B could have a little more cover, but that I would need to hear from someone more experienced, but overall, this looks great.


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Aug 19, 2009
One that melts your computer video card..

Bomb size may change to something larger, to fit the size of this grand historic explosion.
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Sep 1, 2009
Fun and enjoyable to play, but the first point has issues with sentry spots being overpowered and the lack of flanks makes heavies quiet annoying as there is alot of traffic though the middle building area. Can't really say much about the second cp as we never really got that far [only once/twice] I liked how the nuke-ish missle hung from the scaffold.....I was sad that there was no massive explosion!


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Aug 19, 2009
I've had a chance to review the demo from game day a few times as well as many test it on BFC, PA & Reddit servers. Big thank you to everyone who helped test and gave feedback. We are gearing up to release the next version. We were able to gather some great feedback about the layout.

General conclusions:
-Distance from blue spawn to A cp, a bit long.
-It usually takes 3-4 Blue players to cap A, once they have capped A, the Blue team caps A, they generally cap B soon after. We believe this is caused by most of the Red players are respawning and the Blue team generally has momentum and pushes into B before Red has a good chance to set up defenses.
-General agreement of enjoyment of the map.
-A has great sentry placements. Possible need of tweaking this down.
-Improved signage needed to further help players learn the layout the first few rounds. Players generally were lost playing the map the first two times through, but picked up on the layout after this point.

Next version will include changes that will attempt to fix some of the issues above plus some other minor changes. We look forward to getting this in the next game day map test after releasing the next version.
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Aug 19, 2009
Made a few changes since the last version. Full change log and map version to come very soon. Some comments below the pictures.

Pictures from Blue spawn to A.

Added some changes that happened in the detailed version. I wanted to test then in this version, to see how they run.

Distance in this area was cut down by 256 units, which makes it a shorter distance to A. Also a less uphill climb.

Things are now color coded in red and blue, to let players know they are going in the right direction, much like the textures of the detailed version will do.

Higher Walls on Point for more cover.

Added round ledge.


Pictures of A to B

B Area has been flipped. Area is still a WIP



Changed Stairs location. Should flow better.




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Aug 19, 2009
Welp... We're back at it again. Map has been officially named cp_stoneyridge. Keep an eye out, we'll be posting the first detailed version within the next month.

Little sneaky peaky.

Edit: How to I get the thread title changed to cp_stoneyridge? Thanks.
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