Stoneyridge rc2

2CP A/D map in the snowy night-time theme

  1. heyyou
    Snow themed, two point, attack/defend map (like cp_gorge).

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    This is a penny arcade community map that was started around the same time as the artpass project competition.

    We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Be sure to look check out everyone who helped make this project great (the list is long - see below) Huge thanks everyone.

    Mapping crew:
    • Crash - Detailing/ Clipping/ Optimization/ Promotional Items
    • Xzzy - Lighting/ Optimization /Detailing/ Animation
    • Hey You - Layout/ Detailing/ Optimization/ Marketing-Advertising /Organization

    • Littleboots - Bomb Prop
    • Xzzy - Explosion Tower Animation
    • FissionMetroid - Explosion Particles
    • Crash - Crash Construction Overlay

    Special Thanks to:
    • PMavers and the PA TF2 Community for testing every version since alpha
    • test crew and community
    • Fr0Z3n for all the quality feedback and helping us when needed
    • Bloodhound and the rest of the TF2Xploits crew for feedback and testing
    • theharribokid and yyler for hosting gamedays and always providing an outlet for map testing
    • And anyone else who has helped us test and has given us feedback
    • Valve - For an awesome game and providing us with the tools to make it better


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  1. Stoneyridge RC2!

Recent Reviews

  1. Nero
    Version: rc2
    A decent and well structured map. Some areas do feel a little too similar to existing offical mapss, but aside from that, it is a fun map to experience.