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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by v0nn_toaster, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. v0nn_toaster

    v0nn_toaster L2: Junior Member

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    So, i have a PC and an internet connection that can host TF2 game modes
    is it worth it
    Am i taking the risk where a jerk 8 year old can pay $5 to DDOS my IP ruining my PC and my ISP getting mad and cutting the cord?

    Is it better to buy TF2 hosting?
  2. Muddy

    Server Staff Muddy Muddy

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    Or just put a password on your server
  3. Da Spud Lord

    aa Da Spud Lord L0: Crappy Member

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    If you set sv_lan to 1 (which should be enabled by default, but you can check this) then only people in your local area network (such as those connected to the same wi-fi network) can see and connect to your server. Using a password can also keep players out.
  4. iiboharz

    aa iiboharz Meme Queen

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    I don't think he's asking about hosting a local server to test stuff I think he's actually wanting to host a server.
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  5. Hyperion

    aa Hyperion L16: Grid Member

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    I think answer is not worth it, game servers are relatively cheap these days
  6. Hydrogen

    Hydrogen MvM Maniac

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    "Relatively cheap" depends on what you want to run on your game server. If you want just a plain server with basic Sourcemod then that's pretty cheap. As soon as you want more stuff like a FastDL, access to put plugins/extensions (executable code), a database, a website, or other things, then the price will start to go up with your wants. Hosts also sometimes overly cram their hardware with many customers' servers so you may not always get good performance (at least for VPS/GSPs, dedicated should be better).

    To start with you can try setting up SRCDS on your PC and forward the ports, and then later decide if you want to commit to a game host or not. If you want to do some more research or ask more questions on this subject, check out AlliedModders (developers of Sourcemod and the main go-to place for SRCDS-related questions).