Databank rc3

RED and BLU fight over control of a top secret data center located somewhere in the mojave.

  1. iiboharz
    RED and BLU fight over control of a top secret data center located somewhere in the Badlands.

    Many thanks to the following for their work:
    • pont - helping me detail mid
    • Diva Dan - texturing my fan prop
    • phi, tyler, and yrrzy - layout assistance
    • void & fuzzymellows - fantastic textures that gave this map its identity tbh
    Thank you everyone for supporting me in making this map!
    If you have any feedback I'd appreciate it either in this thread or to me directly in a DM.

    Originally made for the Summer 2017 TF2Jam.


    1. databank1.jpg
    2. databank2.jpg
    3. databank3.jpg
    4. databank4.jpg
    5. databank5.jpg
    6. databank6.jpg
    7. koth_databank_b50003.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: rc3
    This map was really fun to play on! I like the idea of the map taking place in a massive computer server building,, the texturing is decently done without any signs of error.
    The objects such as rolling trays, generators etc have some weird clipping to them. They aren't too noticeable but fixing them can show more signs of quality.

    Overall; great job on this map, you put a lot of heart into it.
  2. Gravidea
    Version: b5
    Simply wonderful, with an interesting concept and layout! I had played a version of this map previously on Open Fortress and was wondering to myself "Huh, why do I recognize this map?". I love how well you translated it to KOTH (or possibly vice versa) to make a really awesome map! Great stuff!
    1. iiboharz
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words! The deathmatch version found in Open Fortress is a port of the KOTH version. Now that the map is in b5 I will be updating the OF version sometime soon.