KotH Quarry rc

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Feb 16, 2013
Quarry got added to TF2Center last week since it's getting played a lot on there. A lot of good feedback and people really enjoy it. Now we just need to playtest it with the highest teams in Highlander to see how it plays. I don't see much changes honestly if there is any.


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Jul 22, 2014
Greets. I searched the thread but found no mention of this. Apologies if it's already known, or intentional.

You can build in the yard section of spawn. Malicious engineers can build teleporter exits, and spies can take them in to enemy spawn and backstab people.


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Nov 5, 2016
Just walked around it on my own, and though I haven't played it with people, I can only imagine how fun it is. It's just super inspiring, all the different areas in it feel really nice. You captured the fantastical minetown aesthetic perfectly, with overhanging rooms and beams and wires, and walkways at different heights. Amazing work! (yes, I know this was made years ago)

I know you're likely not updating it anymore, but some problems I found were:
-Missing cubemaps on the garage door windows in the room outside BLU spawn courtyard
-No clipping on the steps inside Spawn
-A window in the room near the point (RED's side) fades out if you step to the far end of the room. I also think a balcony handrail could be added to the out-of-bounds top level of this building, just so there's no doubt about whether you can get up there or not.

-Clipping issues:
You can get stuck on the inside of this corner, on this clip brush.

Even though you clipped around this metal sheet, the tiny bit poking out at the bottom stops you if you run against it.

I just really love this map, I think it'd also be fun in Arena. Amazing work!


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Apr 26, 2014
Hey there!

This map is really pretty and fun to play around, we've had this on Vaultf4 custom maps server. But currently there's a really nasty exploit in this map, both red and blue corner spots are missing playerclipping. Which allows Engineer to build Teleporter outside.



(Same area near the Red spawn)

So could there be an update to fix this issue, or if you'd happen to have Sources still in hand i could take a look myself aswell.



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Feb 7, 2008
So could there be an update to fix this issue, or if you'd happen to have Sources still in hand i could take a look myself aswell.
Someone else also asked for the source, so I figure I'll just go ahead and post it here for everyone to use.

Usage rules:
If you re-publish the map, credit me somehow and make it clear what you've changed from the original.
If you want to make an alternate version of the map targeting a seasonal update (Halloween, Smissmas), get in contact with me first. I'll want to hear what your ideas are and see some examples of your previous work.


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