Quarry rc

A king of the hill map set above an open rock quarry.

  1. Idolon
    Winner of the 3rd 72hour contest!

    Quarry is a unique King of the Hill map with an emphasis on height advantage and strategic placement. With many different ways to approach the fight, every class has a chance to shine. Set above an abandoned rock quarry, Red and Blu fight to the death to take control of this important mining resource.

    Quarry is currently being tested by UGC teams for a hopeful inclusion in future Highlander seasons. Huge thanks to RedRum for reaching out to me about competitive TF2, as well as managing all of the tests for Quarry (and other maps)!

    Thanks to:
    A Boojum Snark - Gamemode library
    Ravidge - Lighting library, feedback, danger sign texture
    umbratile - I.D.O. sign
    Acegikmo - Environment lighting library
    LeSwordfish - Feedback x2
    ScorpioUprising - Feedback
    Fr0Z3n, STAR_ - Contests that spawned this map
    RedRum - UGC testing management
    shm, pvp, qt, knd, syfy - UGC teams that tested the map and gave feedback
    All the people who convinced me to work on this instead of Aspen
    All the people who told me this map is hella fun
    Probably some other people too

    R.I.P. in peace Conveyor "Best Gimmick Ever" Belt
    Taken too soon


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Recent Reviews

  1. TMax2725
    Version: rc
    I always have liked the desert-ish style with that rock texture and this introduces another great map of its kind.
  2. FloofCollie
    Version: rc
    Love the almost fantasy layered minetown vibe. Cleverly constructed to have great flow, and to forgive falling off platforms.
  3. Turbo Lover
    Turbo Lover
    Version: rc
    I don't get to play this map enough.

    The abundance of death pits and changes in elevation make this really fun to play on. I haven't played this map in competitive, but the fact it got competitive players interested speaks of it's quality.