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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Zeus3005, Jan 9, 2020.


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  1. Zeus3005

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    I thought of a map concept where you would basically be an assault team, infiltrating a base controled by the MVM bots.

    The scenario could be like, the mercs are raiding the MVM robot's factory at night. We could have it scale difficulty as the team goes through the level, example would be like they happen upon the section of the facility that produces the sentry busters. There would be guard bots around the whole facility, or even sentry guns.

    The team objective would be to eliminate the obstacles to reach the final objective; which is to blow up the facility (kinda like the payload finale). Like they need to open a gate to go to another section; but opening it summons some bots and it takes X seconds to open so you have to fight a few waves of bots until it's all the way open. There could be a scene where you're caught in an elevator (we could use a scrolling texture to fake that they're moving) and the team has to kill all the bots before they can get off the elevator.

    Probably wouldn't want respawns as they are usually; the team has to reach a checkpoint to revive the dead people, or have a medic to keep people alive and revive them.

    Each section of the factory could have an armoy of sorts for the bots to pickup weapons; which would allow us to include upgrades into the "story".

    The hardest part i think would be making it balanced. Like trying to prevent crazy exploits but also not require a fixed meta to win. I would want the mission to last ~20-30 minutes so it's engaging but not tedious.

    To pull off this concept; i think we would need to write a story to follow, obvously the map layout itself, and probably custom voice lines to actually instruct the team to do things; kind of like how HL2 does it.
  2. Startacker!

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    A similar idea has been done before, though of questionable quality, with the Machine Attacks series. Although it has a weird over-reliance on official map edits and unbalanced upgrades.

    A more grounded form of coop map has been made before and works pretty well, coop_compound, so a style similar to it will probably be a good base. The CS:GO coop strike maps are also something good to look at, and is something I've poked at before, but I never got anything done with it. You don't even need some form of concrete story, just something simple to get the players going (CS:GO's coop strikes are really simple in terms of plot once you get in game).
  3. Zeus3005

    aa Zeus3005

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    Thats cool! Yeah I got the idea from playing a csgo strike map and I would've been surprised if I was the first one to think of this.

    Compond just sounds like attack/defend to me but I'll def have to try it out and see how they did it.

    As far as the story goes; yeah I don't think it should be too intricate, but like some logical reason why the mercs are doing what they're doing; so you have a direction to follow. I'm imagining an immersive experience, as if you are a member of the real merc team; like how the team is during the animated shorts. Like this could be a way for players to not just hear about the game lore but like experience it; like references scattered in the map about gray mann, and the robot war.

    I imagine it would feel a lot like a payload map; basically progressing through a level in a pre determined path.