Berserker A6

MvM but you're attacking (MvM 'Dungeon Crawler' Mode)

  1. Yaki
    This is an experimental map. Heavily inspired by elements from the Left4Dead series (PC), Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64), and
    Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (SNES).

    Players fight against robots in a haunted castle setting. The goal is to survive 'n' revive your team mates as you fight your way up to the stage boss. Beating the boss completes the stage and grants access to the next level.

    Currently, there is only one stage, but there will be more (either three or four, haven't decided).

    Version Details:
    • Versions a1/a2 are in Medieval mode
    • version a3 use all weapons (14 September 2019)
    • version a4 revamps level 1 and adds two new missions. (18 October 2019)
    • version a5a fixes a crash and is recommended for server stability. (22 October 2019)
    • version a6 is the most recent version. (24 October 2019)
    • Thanks yrrzy for the modular weather effects.
    • Thanks Braindawg for lending their server to help look for the server crash version a5.
    • Thanks Gettysburg for playtesting with me late night.
    • Thanks for everyone who plays the map. I hope it's at least semi-enjoyable!


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Recent Updates

  1. A6 Released
  2. A5b Released
  3. A5a Released

Recent Reviews

  1. deluxghost
    Version: A2
    good new concept, want more levels