Constant A4

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Constant A4

Escort Sniper's Camper Van while killing Robots

mvm_constant is Mann Vs. Machine + Payload.

Escort the Sniper's Camper Van (now a self-moving Payload cart) in this multi-stage mission to deliver a bomb to a robot factory in the middle of nowhere.

Comes with one test mission.
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Mann Vs. Machine
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Latest updates

  1. Changed Payload Physics (again) and Bug Fixes

    Fixed bug where crit canteens start the payload early Crit canteens now set speed to max and prevent slowing of the payload, (instead of doubling speed) Fixed bug where speed of payload would go down to a crawl Fixed bug where base_boss hitbox...
  2. Payload Physics and other changes

    Updated nav_avoids so robots don't try to jump in the mosh pit for fun. Corrected the payload physics so it doesn't get bumped by dispenser scraps, stickies, and baseballs. (I know we had fun with this one. Sorry, folks!) Fixed bug where platform...
  3. Comes with Stage 2 and Accessories

    Added stage 2. Payload Balance Added health reminders when payload reaches certain HP thesholds (80/60/40/20%) Payload slows down by 50% when BLU gets near Engineer can build on the payload The pop file has some extra relays if you wanna...