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Medieval Aeon A16

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

"You're on a secret island base that has the potential to deactivate all the robots that Grey Mann has created. However, Grey Mann found it... And you're caught with your pants down because you don't have any firearms to defend yourselves with! Grab your ol' bottle of scrumpy, your bow and arrows, and defend the base!"

This map combines both Medieval Mode and MvM, and a lot of map doodads to make for something unique to the MvM scene.

It also features:
  • Unique take on a Gatebot map (BLU must capture CP1 before bringing out the bomb),
  • Rising and descending ocean levels that change strategy mid-wave,
  • Relays for increased customization by mission writers,
  • New weapons for Medieval Mode (Jarate, Thermal Thruster and Gas Passer)
  • New map-only Medieval Building replacements for Engineer built with PDA,
  • And finally, one custom mission (Janitor Aisle 5) and an official Valve mission (Rottenburg Intermediate).
Most of all, have fun!
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Mann Vs. Machine
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Latest updates

  1. UPGRADE!! #16

    Major Changes for A16 Layout Changes The bomb site and the hallway to it have been moved vertically downward. Most of the map (about 50%~) can be covered in water with the right conditions. There's a tunnel, which only a tank can pass by...
  2. UPGRADE!! #15

    Major Changes for A15 Removed rock formation up front. Extended bomb alert zone to bomb hatch. Fixed func_brush doors sending being sent wrong input. Further improved performance by removing buff-application loop system for BLU. Made tanksaw's...
  3. UPGRADE!! #14

    Good news everybody! (again!) There was a crash in the previous version. However, good news is I suspect it had to do with how drowning is handled--Perhaps if a trigger is triggered while there is a delay in that same trigger, it will break...