Lo-fi's 2024 Birthday Game Day Extravaganca (Free crap!)

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Lo-fi Longcat

Clown-Goblin Hybrid Resides In Local Sewers
Jul 23, 2016

Hello again everyone!

Well, the month of "February" has reared its ugly head once more, bringing with it such detestable celebrations like "Valentines day" and "National Texas day" and "Leap's year". It's not all doom and gloom, though, as February also comes with the best holiday celebration of the entire year! My birthday! Me, Lo-fi!

As it has been for around 27 years at this point (though who's counting, really?), the 19th of February has been especially reserved by none other than myself for a celebration fit for a king! (me, Lo-fi)

This February 19th
at around Noon Scotland time (convert this to your local time zone) I will be commencing the festivities on the EU server!
The festivities in question consist of a particularly long game day where we will play a hand-picked selection of some of my favourite and most memorable maps (mostly by my friends). There is a good mix of Actual Map and Funny Haha Maps in here, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy!

The map list order is as follows:
  • koth_shorelight_rc7
  • plr_panic_b2
  • ctf_chin_a7
  • cp_coppice_rc1
  • arena_chandlands_a2
  • koth_cake_a11b
  • dm_ufo_a2
  • ctf_hades_b5
  • pl_cooler_badwater_a3
  • cp_outflow_b4
  • koth_idolon_mc8_a5a
  • pl_floof_umc7_a1
  • ctf_giants_rc3
  • fb_pitch_a3
  • pl_fountain_b3
  • koth_sawmill_2_a4
  • cp_mom_72_a1
  • ttt_toes_a4
And here's a succulent little zip file to download of all the maps. If you intend to participate I highly suggest that you download these ahead of time:

In addition to playing these 18 (holy moly!) maps, during the game day I will also be giving out secret saxtons! Every time I die I will be giving out One secret saxton. Every time I get dominated I will be giving out An Other secret saxton (if I remember)! Don't worry about not being able to hunt me down, because @nesman has graciously granted me the opportunity to toggle a "beacon" on me at all times just for the event! Thanks nesman!

As with last year, I will be aiming to acquire all 3 of the special "daily" hats that TF2 gives out for duel wins, map stamps, and gifts.

Hope to see you all there!
If I don't see you, we'll be having words later.
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Lo-fi Longcat

Clown-Goblin Hybrid Resides In Local Sewers
Jul 23, 2016

I would like to thank everyone who showed up to my birthday game day yesterday! I had a blast playing all those maps and I hope you all did too!

As with last year, this year I set the goal of acquiring all 3 "special" daily hats in one day. No easy task.
Unfortunately, I only managed to get ahold of 2 of them this year!

Last year I was missing the duels hat despite doing 500 duels in one sitting, this year I'm missing the gifts hat despite giving out 350 secret saxtons over the course of the day! I'm shocked that someone gave out more gifts than ME on MY birthday.

Look on the bright side, though! This means there'll be another birthday game day NEXT year with MORE silly maps and such where I try and get the hats AGAIN. Hope to see you all next year!


L6: Sharp Member
Feb 25, 2019
It was a blast, and for some reason I got a hat while playing it lol

I would like to do something similar for my birthday!