How to Add Custom Textures to Your TF2 Map

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    Step 1:
    Create the image in an editing software such as Paint.NET or Gimp. The dimensions of the image should be powers of 2, common values and 512 x 512, however use 1024 x 1024 for a higher quality skybox.


    Step 2:

    Go here ( and download VTFEdit, once downloaded click File System and locate your file, double click on it and then click OK, then save it.


    Step 3:

    Delete the automatically generated VMT file created by VTFEdit and create an identically named file and open it with notepad, copy this into the file:

    $basetexture "customtextures/yourtexturename"

    Feel free to replace the customtextures folder name with anything you want, however I prefer to have them all contained within one folder.


    Step 4:

    Copy that VTF and VMT file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials\customtextures, the customtextures folder (or whatever you named it) won't exist so just create one. Unless you don't want to put the image in a folder just paste it here.


    Step 5:

    Launch up hammer and use your texture on some surface and compile!


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