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  1. Catastrophic

    How do I make my map feel less empty?

    It's my first time making a map, it's a KOTH map and it's a flat square map and has two sniper towers, a small platform to the control point, and the two bases in opposite corners. It has a mix of regular and dev textures but I plan on changing that. Anything else I need to add or change? Also...
  2. AddamsFamilyReject

    Need help finding map

    There was a map I played on around 8-9 years ago. It was maybe either a trade map or an achievement map. The map was massive the one cool area I remember is this place where theres a house and Inside the house is a fireplace and it was a very nice looking house. I remember it being tricky...
  3. FateFighter

    Control point bug

    I have a problem that the control point works perfectly, it counts down when it can be occupied, but as soon as I touch the map and modify something, it no longer counts down, only the control point opens. What can I do to prevent this from happening every time?
  4. FateFighter


    How can I correct these errors and which particles are they? Attemped to precache unknown particle system "contract_score_primary"! Attemped to precache unknown particle system "contract_score_bonus"! Attemped to precache unknown particle system "contract_completed_primary"! Attemped to...
  5. FateFighter

    Soundscape no music

    Why can't I hear this music?
  6. FateFighter

    disable skybox

    how can i disable 3d skyblock in multiple areas?
  7. FateFighter

    info_player_teamspawn help

    My question is, can someone help me with how to solve it, there are 2 spawn places for both teams, but I want to use one of the spawns only when they are in the trigger and the players die there, and I also know that trigger_player_respawn_override and info_player_teamspawn are needed . If...
  8. xCape

    Seeking mappers for winter-themed event

    Hello fellow map creators! If you are a map creator looking to improve your skills, get new connections and more, read along! I'm looking for someone who can help us create a map for a large event we are planning to host around the end of the year. My vision of the map is that it's like a large...
  9. Ðoge

    Ending of particle appears at 0 0 0 coordinates. How to fix?

    Link to gif
  10. The Cock Consumer

    Model Weird Question, can someone rig the Yeti to use the Sniper's Rig?

    I'm experimenting around with the idea of making a new gamemode around hunting yetis (yetie?), but I've run into a big of a snag. I don't know how to properly rig a Yeti. I was hoping to use the Sniper's rig, as that rig is the same that the skeleton npcs use. I've taken a few cracks at it...
  11. Top sporing fungi

    passtime map crashes

    made everything necessary. both triggers coded the same both spawn balls coded the same help me
  12. CyanideNoodles

    Hiring someone to make blended textures

    I'm currently looking someone to help me make some blended displacement textures. Im currently working on an animal crossing inspired map and a big part of the games design is the blended paths. Youd just need to make my custom textures blendable for me. Looking to hire someone to make these...
  13. CyanideNoodles

    How to fix view distance for models

    I feel really dumb asking this because ive been mapping for so long, but I had to reinstall stuff and since doing so, prop models are only visible if up close. How do I turn this off so they always are showing? its the one with the blue square around it
  14. FillieYT

    Hello there

    I'm Fillie and I just started getting into tf2. so recently I wanted to make a map and I was wondering how to start on macOS Monterey. Can you guys help me get started? I'd greatly appreciate it.
  15. Mr. help

    My info_player_teamspawn is an error

    Hi, I'm new to mapping so this might be a stupid question, but my info_player_teamspawn is an error. Also, said error refuses to rotate, so my team spawns are always facing in one direction. Is there anyone who knows how to fix this?
  16. Cindycomma

    A very frustrating cubemap bug

    I've been using a lot of reflective textures on my map arena_crosstalk. After the final compile of B1, I noticed that the cubemaps are... slanted? In my B2 compiles, the cubemap rotation stays, and I've tried experiment after experiment trying to fix this annoying issue. The checkerboard...
  17. Little Shayman

    Water in my jump map remains invisible, despite usual fixes

    After checking on interlopers, I found no leaks and I've tried adding a water_lod_control, I've tried different water textures, I compile on normal settings. Still no luck, It could be something to do with the skybox error but most sources say that its ignorable. Here's my compile log, vmf and...
  18. AveOriginals

    Hammer Editor | Some models have a black and purple checkerboard on them

    I have a big problem. I want to edit Rockford v4b but some models have a black and purple checkerboard on them. Also, I don't have some of the textures even though I decompiled the map and extracted the textures and models from it (I did the same with the content for the map). Also I have a...
  19. Ðoge

    HELP With custom texture and server glitch

    All custom textures are broken on map while playing at serveme servers. But at solo game it totally fine
  20. Ðoge

    HELP Moving capture zone with 3 positions

    I searched how to do that for quite long already. Func_moveliniar and func_door desn`t work, because they only has 2 positions.