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  1. Respect+

    (Help) Error opening bsp

    these are my logs, it might help ** Executing... ** Command: "F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod" "F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\maps\respect_beta_1.vmf"...
  2. SpookyToad

    [TUTORIAL] func_monitor resolution calculation

    Since FIT button corrupts texture when it's applied on monitor and you can't use it to fit monitor's texture on brush, I figured out how to calculate monitor's resolution! 1. Multiply Horizontal and Vertical H/U of func_monitor brush by 0.0009765625 2. Set Horizontal(X) and Vertical(Y) values at...
  3. FateFighter

    info_player_teamspawn help

    My question is, can someone help me with how to solve it, there are 2 spawn places for both teams, but I want to use one of the spawns only when they are in the trigger and the players die there, and I also know that trigger_player_respawn_override and info_player_teamspawn are needed . If...
  4. Edward_shooter

    What makes RD_Asteroid feel like TF2?

    Retro-futurism, I know. But "retro-futurism" is a broad space, anywhere from Star Wars (great) to Arpeggio of Blue Steel (poor?) count as retro-futurism. Rather, which aspects of retro-futurism possess the magic of TF2 artstyle? I am currently borrowing ideas from Star Blazers 2 and Galaxy...
  5. mickeymick

    Map is fullbright using extra parameters

    Help! my map is on fullbright when I try to use -staticproppolys -textureshadows and -staticproplighting within light.exe in hammer editor. I've managed to get lighting without the extra parameters but with them no luck. There is no leaks and no errors that I know of, help is much appreciated...
  6. Amicdict

    Is procedure generation possible? If so what would it add in TF2 maps?

    I saw a CS:GO video by фалафель/orelstealth (English Translation by 3kliksphilip) two days ago covering procedural generation in CS:GO. That was well and all good, but I wondered what other source games would allow for this. I know this concept works in Garry's Mod because there is a map that's...
  7. SteveN

    koth_purewater_a1 2020-09-06

    A map made for the 72 Hour 2020 jam made entirely by me, it's themed around water treatment plants and a park in my hometown. I started working on it a little late (‎September ‎5, ‎2020, ‏‎3:24:03 AM) and I didn't want to risk posting too late so I haven't placed any player clips, proper...
  8. JackHunderwald

    Need help making sea waves like Banana Bay [unresolved]

    Hello everyone. I am still working on a personal project, some place to relax between competitive matches. The view is great, but the sea is a bit boring. I wanted to add waves like on plr_bananabay and pd_cursed_cove_event. however, upon decompiling these maps and looking throught hammer, all I...
  9. cWEED

    How Do I Run Hammer In ArchLinux?

    I use ArchLinux and I've been having trouble getting hammer to run correctly. When I start Hammer with Wine, it looks fine, but when I make a new file, this happens:
  10. Kibble Bites

    Have no idea where to post this but, does anyone want to join my mapping group?

    Hey. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I need talented mappers for the group am I representing. I want mappers for Kalamity!, a group me and a friend started quite a while ago that focuses on Hold the Flag maps and powerups, adding a more deathmatch like style to Team...
  11. Eishaaya

    Hammer can't open the packs or access the models I downloaded from here

    There aren't map files for it to open, and when I go to the prop menu, I can't grab them The only one it opens is Japan, where I get this:
  12. Emil_Rusboi

    [GUIDE] Making Source Beautiful Again

    Introducing So, I was inspired by 3kliksphilips video and decided to create my own guide... to how make your map more... beautiful. Disclaimer I am not professional mapper, all of these just my thoughts, advices and knowledge. Lighting Lighting is the one of the most parts of the map. One of...
  13. cosmicfortune

    (Fixed) Game closes upon map load.

    All I wanted to do was see how things are so far. I quickly put together a skybox, setup a light_enviroment, and clicked run. Only to see the game just close upon loading the map. Here's the log: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress...
  14. Emil_Rusboi

    [GUIDE] New mappers Fast Boot Camp

    Hello new mapper! Today I am going to teach you how to map, how to use our discord and give you some advices! Starting Part 1. Helpful things Before you start making your first map,here are a few tools that can make your mapping experience more simplistic: A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping...
  15. TheBluScout #frontline!

    Map Event Timers?

    I'm currently working on a CTF map where every 3 minutes a event will happen and then it ends after 3 minutes (and then it repeats), How do i do? Do i use logic_timers or is there better methods?
  16. FlashDash

    Sudden Death Area

    Im currently making a map, and i have a separate area for when Sudden Death happens after the map timer runs out. Problem is, i have no idea how to make it so that i can spawn there specifically for Sudden Death. What brush entity should I use, and what outputs should i put in to spawn there...
  17. Mouse

    Questions about optimization

    Hello I'm Mouse, I've been mapping for tf2 for over 8 years but have never completed or released any maps. I'm very talented and I've got a question for all you passionate and respectable mappers out there regarding optimization. For the purpose of defining the conditions I will offer a...
  18. Sarcastic_Fantastic

    How was the outside/background of cp_dustbowl achieved?

    I'm new to mapping and currently building my first map. I wanted the spawn area to take place outside but the setting isn't completely suitable to surround the area with skyscrapers like in Kong King for example. I really like the effect on Dustbowl where it looks like the map is way bigger than...
  19. Dead Plant

    3 Most wanted features for hammer

    Hammer is officially almost 20 years old at this point, and as everyone who's made a map knows- it most certainly shows its age. Even though it's incredibly unlikely we will ever get an updated hammer that supports Team Fortress 2, I am still going to list off everything that I'd like to see in...
  20. Mazata

    Mapper with good detailing needed!

    Hello there! I didn't really know where to put this but I'm searching for a mapper with good detailing skills for my new project, the project being an overhaul of the map cp_junction. My plan is to create cp_junction_event. Yes! Junction is the worst map in the game, but I'm also planning on...