How do I compile a map without reloading TF2?

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Radiation | Assist Co.

L1: Registered
Feb 20, 2018
Hi. I've just begun dabbling in mapmaking, so I'm learning the basic tools right now. My problem is that whenever I compile my new map version Windows tells me there can only be one instance of TF2. Is there any way to load new map compiles in an already-running TF2 window?


L2: Junior Member
Nov 29, 2014
Well you can turn off running the game in the compile options and then just open the map in the game again


L1: Registered
Feb 1, 2016
Well after u compile and that window appears close it then go to the game and reload the map

massacre master

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Feb 2, 2018
when it finishes compiling create server and it should be there. naming it something like zzz would make it at the bottom, easy to find


Spiritual preprocessor
Dec 19, 2015
Calm, yrrzy has had the best answer! Just pass -hijack to the game exe and it will search for an already existing process and pass the arguments to that, so "hl2.exe -hijack +map blah" will load the map in the already launched hl2.exe instead of booting up a new one.