Generic Smissmas/Winter signs

Texture Generic Smissmas/Winter signs 2022-11-05

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An Actual Deer
Sep 20, 2015
Yrr submitted a new resource:

Generic Smissmas/Winter signs - based on signs from Badlands

Generic smissmas/winter versions of various signs from Badlands
May update this download with more if people have suggestions for more signs

sign_smissmas001 - "Snow Plow" variant of Zippy Plow sign
sign_smissmas002 - "Red Peaks Mountaineering" variant of Red Valley Mining sign
sign_smissmas003 - "Red Peaks Mountaineering" variant of a different Red Valley Mining sign
sign_smissmas004 - "Mt Grande" variant of Rio Grande Coal Co. sign
sign_smissmas005 - "Hot Chocolatey Milk" variant of...

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