Furnace Creek

CP Furnace Creek rc

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Sep 6, 2008

It's what I saw in my dreams, only better! :D

Oh, and what is the large protrusion from C? I couldn't get a clear look. >_>


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Mar 17, 2009
Nice quality as always, but....

In my opinion the skybox and environmental lighting is way too intense. This may repel a lot of players from it (me included), which would be a real shame. I like the idea of a more colorful sky, but bright, warm, vivid colors need to be used sparingly because they draw attention.

A backdrop like the skybox here should never become such a main focus. I don't think I could stand it for long on a server. Even the screenshots make my eyes hurt.D:

Sorry guys
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Aug 19, 2008
still have to play it, but i can imagine that with the so present red light, it might be hard to differentiate blu players from red. i imagine it more being RED vs. PURPLE :)
but i might be wrong, so you can bash me for that :)


Dec 5, 2007
Details are unfinished, but we're at a similar stage to goldrush was when it had it's flythrough released, if a little earlier. I've not touched the 3D skybox yet, its on the to-do list.

@icy and eeire - The vivid colours of the light are amazingly non vivid, they've been drasticly toned down from the original alpha which hasn't detracted from the atmosphere much at all. There certainly isn't a problem seeing red vs blue, I made sure blue looked blue when I first made the light settings months ago.

@Ffox - what protrusion? I'm not sure which you mean to give you an answer :p


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May 19, 2008
Yeah, with the high cliffs your eyes won't bleed out, and it really isn't that strong (the video seems more vividly colored than when you are playing it).

Youme, he's talking about the tower, I'm pretty sure. Which has a surprise.


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Mar 17, 2009
I only got to play test it a little towards the end of the gameday but I did notice a few things I'll mention here:

I'm happy to say my eyes didn't bleed during the test, but I did however find it overpowering enough to wish there was someplace I could go to get out of it. I would suggest (if you haven't already) add some nice “cool” lights to the interiors. I think this would really help prevent fatigue from the constant and persistent red sky seen everywhere in the map.

More light is needed around the outside as well. Feels a little too dark in places. Even though blue players are not purple, it seems kind of hard to identify teams some times. While I was playing I also noticed a few issues with the layout at the last point.


Seems too easy to camp and defend!
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Jan 28, 2009
At Control Point C, I rocket jumped up the to tall rock facing the CP, and I could see over the wall. Since the top was all nodraw'd, I could see to my right in the tunnel that goes to CP C, and I could assult the Blu's, knowing they were there. Just a little thing I noticed


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Nov 19, 2008
Curious to when the release of this map as we are considering it for STAGE 2 of an Aussie custom map comp?

Hope its very soon!


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Mar 21, 2008
Problem I found around point A: There's a bit of a gap between two displacement edges, and when I walked over it I got stuck, effectively turning me into a stationary rocket turret. I eventually escaped via exploding myself.

The culprit

C was very spammy, with the attackers often hitting the defending spawn directly. It feels like the exits from A and B might let out a bit too close to the defender's spawn exits, moving the spawn back a bit might help alleviate this problem.


Dec 5, 2007
It's here ladies and gentlemen, at long last.

Map downloads:
http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/94628 (if you'd like to really show support, mirror feedback on fpsb)

Not much to say other than thanks to everyone who has playtested so far, shown support and provided feedback, this process is impossible without all of you.
Please nag any server admins you know to run this map, if you are a server admin, please give it a try out, its not even 50MB! And if you're using a redirect with .BZ2 files it's only ~20MB

Also, Nineaxis made this, for kicks - http://furnace.tf2maps.net
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Sep 10, 2008
I just noticed this on Steampowered.

Congratulations! We'll try to get it on our server for a playtest soon.


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Aug 10, 2008
When I get my own server in 2 weeks or so, this map is definitely going on it.


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Nov 16, 2007
I didn't get my jerk of the year award so I'll do it by posting this.

First of all, amazing map, really unique what you did with the skybox and lighting, I dig it. A little downside is the sun that is seriously bright and makes it hard sometimes to see the difference between red and blue, but I already have to wear glasses so that might be just me :p

Anyway, global negative impressions, for constructive feedback: Overall, some parts are claustrophobic, really narrow and feel cramped. If I have to be really honest, I think A needs alot more attention, the capture point is just so small with no cover whatsoever, when I compare with gravelpit, it's alot bigger and has heavy cover from the side where the enemy comes from. Also some paths between the cliffs are not detailed at all and really really narrow. Path from A to B needs attention, its too simple.

Some screens now!

1. My teleporters got shot, the doors stay open, in gravelpit that's not possible. Solution, place the spawn higher with a platform to build the teleporters on.


2. A is just too tiny, and why can't I get on the roof? It feels unnatural for some reason.


3. Throw some wooden constructions and a wooden mine-hall like in gravelpit in the middle, and make it wider, I felt uncomfortable running trough this! Really :D


4. I loved walking out this tunnel because the lighting is great, but when you look at it from this angle it's nothing special. Spice it up.


5. The two rocks against each other feel like 'meh ill place a prop here for some cover'. If you'd make a tiny shack there with some place for a sentry or tele, should be interesting. Or just close it up, but make it a tiny shack please!


6. Lower it, you got a custom model that takes up lots of MegaBytes, so place it in the view of everything. Should be something special, don't hide it high in the air! :)
Also make everything animate when C is capped, or another suggestions, place a timer display under it that updates realtime with the map time, so it's like a countdown, time gets added when A or B is capped, so power reserves blabla add time and it needs more time to charge at C. When C isn't capped, lasor fires, when it's capped, timer stops and nothing happens. I can make some special stuff for A and B when they cap it, some battery cells that add time because they are linked to A or B, whatever think of something :p

Yes this low!


7. Detail this please. Simple suggestion. And wider!


8. Spawns (both teams!) are really tiny, I felt really cramped in it, and with more players this just won't fit anymore.


So again, I loved it :) Just some simple changes (except from A maybe, sorry...) and it's pure brilliance if you ask me :D
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Feb 14, 2008
There are 2 main problems I have:
- detail area behind blu spawn is hard to seethrough the fence, replace it with a barbed wire or low wooden fence
- many detail areas just end in a black tunnel (can't post screens - on iPod)