Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek rc

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Furnace Creek rc

Made by nineaxis and YM

by Nineaxis and Youme

A 3-point Attack/Defend Capture Point map (like Gravelpit). The map is set at sunset, in the desert, where RED is building a parabolic solar array to power a solar ray.

Being worked on by Youme and Nineaxis, we're splitting work using dropbox as a way of sharing files incredibly easily. Currently it's gone through three versions to get layout and balance sorted which is nearly there. It's being overhauled as I type, completely detailed and polished, you can expect a first beta in roughly two weeks from this post.


Flythrough video on youtube

Introduction video on Youtube
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

More downloads from YM

Latest reviews

YES! Super good, I will credit you and add this to my server!
This reminds me of Gravelpit and surprisingly enough Yukon for some reason.
looks awesome
absolutely LOVE the visuals .
I've always liked Furnace Creek and always thought this Gravel Pit inspired map played well, had great visuals, and was suitable for small or big teams.
Interesting level design, with a warm atmosphere. Very cool.
I like the design, but I think the layout should be more open like gravelpit. The map feels rather small and probably plays better with only few people.