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  • Hi - Thanks a lot for the reply - we like to play it on a 32 player server and thus our issues :-(

    If this helps, I de-compiled yours and had a look - you might be able to save some of the entity counts by reducing all the nodes in your curves on your payload route by 1-2 per curve - you have a really smooth route for the cart - maybe a little too smooth.

    I found that I had to remove a lot of the nodes on my original map and after I brought it down I still had over 475 but I had a MASSAIVE map. Some of the people here said it was the largest they have ever seen!

    Good luck to you on the new version - I can't wait to see it and am looking forward to it greatly :)

    Have heard pl_cashworks crashes due to entity counts etc.

    Are you doing any more work on the map to fix this?

    If No, or you don't plan on doing it - mind if I take a look at the file so see what I can do with it? I won't be changing the gameplay, layout, etc. I just want to look at the entities.

    Feel free to contact me about it thanks! - I had a lot of issue with one of my maps doing this and after a lot of work finally got it stable for 32 players
    I just want to say, you're one of the best map makers I know. I enjoy playing the maps you make and I'm looking forward to your next map! Thanks for making maps that the community loves and plays!
    Hello- Just wanted to drop by and say, i've been looking at Cashflow more and more, and am just finding more things to be impressed by every time I look. Really, really great work.

    Do you mind saying how long you have been working on it? Curious, and hoping to feel better about my seemingly slow, slow progress on current map...haha :) Thanks!
    I got a reply about cashworks in a clan im with:

    I saw the cart actually STALL at the top of the hill right after capture point #1 in Cashworks, where it goes to angle downwards.... even with 4 players pushing it at no one blocking. It just, stopped. However, when everyone backed off of it and it moved backwards, the game progressed as normal. Just an FYI, for if it happens to any of you.

    I'd really like to keep the dedicated cashworks server up, but there are quite a few places where people are exploiting the map (going through rocks, etc.) If you could put out a hotfix for those issues in the next couple of days, I can leave that server up. If not, I'll have to replace it with something else.
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