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  • Hi, I know it's been 6 years since you've last used this account, but I'm interested in contacting you about your map pl_waste.
    Congratz on the release, I really enjoy Coldfront and I'm glad Valve chose it. :)

    In other words, I'm also hoping to see some of the content released from it as well. :D
    So I downloaded your tug of war prefab and the cart won't face the angle of the tracks. What should I set to do so?
    Ahh okay, I was only judging by the date of these visitor messages, sorry D;

    Good to hear!
    Woah, Xenesis and Freelance_Fox are on here too? Well okay, maybe "were", but still. I suppose it's always the same kind of people who make stuff like this, eh?

    Yeah, I was just lurking on CW. Never played much, enjoyed the general idea though. Apparently some people are still clinging to it ("Ad Hoc Commander")? I wouldn't say it was a failure, you guys probably learned a lot. Just retcon the thing and say it was only supposed to be a learning experience anyway and you're fine =P

    Sorry for all caps, but seriously. My account is at the moment not under my control. Warn anyone you can, i sent steam a ticket already so hopefully we can sort it out quickly.

    Hey there. Yeah, I have to admit that I never really had a thing for custom maps. I have to say that Valve including official maps (which made them far easier to play on the whole) made the whole deal less frustrating and the fact that custom mapper skill on the whole seems to have improved tremendously, either that or I'm better at avoiding the abominations :p

    I haven't actually played any of your customs, unfortunately...there aren't enough custom maps servers in Aus (and they run mostly payload customs) so I have to choose between lag and standard maps otherwise.

    But yeah, I plan to show up a bit...I've been slowly mapping out a design in my head and I want to put it to paper and then Hammer (while hopefully not having the map suck :p).
    OH U

    o nose. Yeah you were pretty mild compared to those WWN faggots, don't worry. Remember apparently I'm an absolutist tyrant comparable to Stalin, so no worries. :D
    yup! that's me... although I'm a bit surprised anyone remembers that old project still!

    I can't say I know you by this name though, who were you?
    Allow me to be the first to say "You have skills" :S I've been attempting to learn Hammer Tools and Source mapping tools for just under a month now and am finally getting started on a basic map design. After looking through cp_observatory_b1a I must say that I am definitely going to download it and try it out on my clan's server.

    Also, to find somebody on this site who apparently lives an hour away from me (Vancouver / Abbotsford ^^ ) is quite insane on a site of mostly Americans and Brits :) And even close to the same age (I'm 19).

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the confirmation that even somebody like us can make a half-decent map Keep up the good work

    ~AD / Steve~
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