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  • Ill send you this ans a PM.... I wanted to use your dirtybomb cart for my PLR map only problem is your carts use the same file names. would it be possible for you to make just a second skin for the cart red and blue? I have both files, but they overwrite each other.
    Not spoken to you in a few days, still doin ok?

    "pl_hoodoo, comes from a good mapper, play it at colts playground, it's now in dev texture version but it plays good.

    (youme if you ever read this you owe me big time ^^)"

    Found it :p looks like I owe you, pitty I'm not likely to get my oilpump texture properly finished before I go to paris and have no access to a computer. Its stupid, its an art trip, to do art....and the thing its doing is taking me away from my creative medium :(
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