CP Furnace Creek rc

Made by nineaxis and YM

  1. DJive

    aa DJive Cake or Death?

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    Layout yes it is. What i mean though is in battle or going to the areas its very easy to get spun around and from that i have no idea where to go =(

    edit: Because the map doesn't have any spots where you can see it and go "thats here!" Most the walls look the same because of the theme and because of this i think need extra attention with the signage
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  2. Jack Riguel

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    Exactly what I just wrote, but shorter. There needs to be something that really stands out and defines A and B, not just signs pointing which way to go.
  3. Darksoul

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    Pretty much what people have said in the latest posts: no land marks.

    Another issue I have with the map is that it capitalizes a tad much on the Gravelpit layout, C is basically the same thing that the C on Gravelpit, B is essentially the same house at B with the small twist the capture zone is not on the same level as the house; and A is as uneventful like the A on Gravelpit. RED and BLU spawn hold the same layout than on Gravelpit.

    Furnace Creek lacks placement, sure a setting around the map is not necessary to be enjoyable, however I feel like there is no scenario to the map, it's a hole you spawn here and there now go out there and kill everyone when you find them. Yes I know there are solar pannels powering a death ray, but I couldn't see the solar pannels from any CP, I mean see then whithout having to look for them.

    The layout of the areas around the control points feel a bit crowded I believe to keep the snipers from feeling too confortable, but I felt trapped in both areas always with a wall to climb or with a house in my way; engaging enemies like the Demoman and the Soldier was tricky since I felt like there was always something to keep me from getting away from those explosions.

    Half of the time I couldn't jump out the windows on the building at B; there is no clear land mark to tell the defense from where to expect BLU, specially at A. When attacking I found there was no rendezvou point, a place from where the bulk of the offense would find themselves; assemble, build a forward base, heal up, charge ubers and go out for the taking.

    Overall I felt like the map didn't have a good flow for the offense or defense, it felt like an awkward dance.

    I am by no means a competitive player, I may have scrimed in 6 vs 6 a couple of times but I don't enjoy that scene much; I am more on the hardcore side of the game so take my comments in very light manner.
  4. Nerdbot

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    I wanna echo the previously-mentioned statements--The design is great, but it just doesn't feel separated where it should. I think just making the passages between A and B more closed-off would fix that problem. In Gravel Pit you can visibly tell you're changing areas because you move through a corridor to get there. All the passages to C have a visible scenery change, you're entering a corridor of some type. The mine shaft that connects Gravel Pit's A and B you can just run right through without really thinking about it because you already know from the startup that the other point must be somewhere that way.

    I love this map a lot and I really would love to see it become successful. I don't think it's easy to get LOST in, but all connecting passages in ABC defend maps should change the scenery up in ways other than having a sign pointing that way. Furnace has a great, manageable layout in every other regard.
  5. Jack Riguel

    Jack Riguel L10: Glamorous Member

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    It should be within one round, at max two. This is one of the reasons why it's hard having other mappers review a custom map. Steel is a very unpopular map for exactly this reason. While a good deal of the mapping community loves it, the regular hardcore and casual players dislike it as it takes a couple of rounds to understand the layout.
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  6. MrAlBobo

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    I agree with this, I wasn't really seeing any good locations to build a forward base.
    Ill just run though the paths to C and detail what they lack to made a decent base. This will all be from the perspective of the attacking team.

    The left path on A in theory has an excellent layout to setup a nice little base, except for the fact that the viable location is very close to both the last point and the red spawn.

    The right path on A is not one ive ever really considered, more often then not there is a sentry located to the left, and soldiers and demos seem to love unloading into this rather short path.

    The left path on B now that I think about it might be viable to set up a base right before the path bends to the right and heads straight to C. However with it being more open its fodder for any soldiers using a different path.

    The right path on B is probably the best option for a forward base as it stands. It is around the corner on a long path, giving it a reasonable distance from the cp and spawn. The flaws arise in the difficulty in building a sentry to guard it, unless you have a very proactive team, whichever way it faces its going to be vulnerable. Then the fact that the path enters into the bottom part of C, which puts you at a disadvantage right away, add to that a sentry watching that exit.

    Don't really have too many ideas on how to alter one of these paths to accommodate a forward base, except for adding a bit more cover to the left path on B, as I happen to think that would be the best choice for a forward base.
  7. owly-oop

    aa owly-oop im birb

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    please do not take away the jump lol

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv3xzp9xgZg"]YouTube - lolkritzkreig[/ame]
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  8. The Political Gamer

    aa The Political Gamer

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    Crack in the map. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF Well you can still see it!
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  9. kankle_king

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    Would you consider making a 'pro' version with Gpit length spawns for comp play?
  10. Sgt.Sausage

    Sgt.Sausage L7: Fancy Member

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    From what i have scene b4 played nicely, i like some of the changes.

    One thing i remember we talked about was making the cap area on C bigger so a could defend it easier instead of having to stand in the center of the area. I dont no if you decided not to do it or what but i figured i would let you no anyway.

    If you decide to do this i dont think the stairs should be included in the cap area, just make the flat area on top the cap area.

    A basic idea...
  11. Nineaxis

    aa Nineaxis Quack Doctor

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    A bit late since we already tested it, but oh well.

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  12. Rexy

    aa Rexy The Kwisatz Haderach

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    It's played well since the very beginning, and you know I have to give props for the great use of color. Today's play was just as good, minor adjustments included.

    Just fix the coffee pot.
  13. Fazer

    Fazer L1: Registered

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    Sounds like a gimmick, was it really needed? I guess it will bring smile to some players, but newcomers (to this map and to TF2 in general) will be confused - "Why did I die from fire?"

    Looking forward to playing the map, I saw it yesterday in beta4 on some server, but it was unfortunately already full :)
  14. Dr. ROCKZO

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  15. littleedge

    aa littleedge L1111: Clipping Guru

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    Furnace is great as ever. Got a few things.

    Why do they send baby signs to guide me? I like what you did with the signs, but you don't see that in many TF2 maps. You're used to big large signs if they're placed up there like that.

    I'm in a barrel!

    The crates don't seem like they could actually be in that position.

    I don't like the new staircase on A. I also don't like how thin the tower is. But that's just me.
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  16. Nineaxis

    aa Nineaxis Quack Doctor

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    Thanks. :)

    Coffee pot isn't broken. Yeah, it's shiny, but it is a chrome coffee pot, so...

    There's a kill trigger by the energy rod up in the tower. We've decreased the size and made it pretty hard to kill yourself accidentally, and if you do, it's just a nice touch that highly powerful concentrated sunlight lights you on fire.

    Hiding 5 rubber duckies in your map is a gimmick. :p

    We might increase their size. Now that I look at them, they do seem kind of small.


    True, that crate on the end seems to be floating.

    People were complaining about it being hard for RED to retake a point, that staircase was added to make it easier. We'll see how it plays out, if it's not good, we'll remove it.
  17. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    Oops, theres a sign to A that i think might be leading to C.. I can't quite tell where the picture is taken from though theres not enough context.

    The crate on the end isn't floating, it's toppled into the gap between the cart and the wall, it is realistic for it to have done so too, although that dependso n it's contents
  18. Icarus

    aa Icarus

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    I'm loving the new signs, less players are getting frustrated, but I think Furnace would greatly benefit from another set of signs for the A-B connector.
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  19. Wegason

    Wegason L4: Comfortable Member

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    I concur on this, if you do get spun about you can get lost. I did enjoy the map, even a and b caps to defend/attack and it never slowed down for me, good fun.
  20. Trotim

    aa Trotim

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    Do a barrel roll!

    ...anyway, has anyone found any working sentry spots yet? I admit I haven't tried too hard, but Engineers never seemed to be very useful for Red in general, while Blu has a lot of spots to build forward bases in.