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  • I would like to use your skybox here in a map I am developing for a community mod. If the map is included with the mod when downloaded, the assets used in the map will follow, which means that the skybox will be included.

    Please let me know if it would be okay to include the skybox with the map. If you do not wish to have your skybox included with the map, please let me know and I will use a different skybox instead.
    Hi supersandvich,

    I see you are one of the top contibuters to this website.

    I think I have a great idea for a new map, or bassicly combining maps but I am not
    sure if the things I want are even possible although I think they are.

    My server runs a collection of Orange maps (6 in total) my idea is to combine them all
    in 1 map. I already have a good view on how I would like to do that.

    My question to you is do you have time and want to help me on the issues I cant solve myself ?

    The shuttle crash-lands in a dense jungle on top of a plateau. When the boy emerges, he finds a ferocious-looking beast has replaced his dog. He decides to perform a test to see if the wolf and his pet dog are one and the same; he tosses a stick for the wolf to fetch, only to receive a giant bone instead. The boy shrugs this off and assumes that it is the same dog.

    you're pretty good.
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