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Redmel a11

Somewhere in Egypt, 2 teams perform the task of the greatest tank general - Redmel

  1. Emil_Rusboi
    Somewhere in Egypt, 2 sides of the conflict - Right Eternal Dominion and Badlands Liberty Union, fighting for supremacy in the region. This will be the biggest tank battle in history!

    And so, they find in the ruins the base of the greatest tank general in history - John Redmel Doe! He says:
    "If one of you brings me fuel for my tank army, then I will help you and destroy enemy tanks!"

    And they began to fight in the ruins, extracting fuel canisters... from their own corpses! His tank was driving through the ruins and collecting canisters.

    I hope this battle will not lead to the Defeat Day!

    So, Redmel - Egypt/Frontline themed map, inspired by the african campaign of the second world war. Map takes place in ruins on a large mountain surrounded by gorges.

    The tank-gatherer drives out of the hangar, drives over railways, drives through a small town, and then drives into the temple and at the end falls into the gorge.

    Big thanks to:
    All good assets and stuff - Frontline! Team
    Egypt Assets - Freyja
    Arabian Market Props - by Whark
    Empty Bomb Carts - MaccyF
    DrSquishy for feedback


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