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  1. Tumby

    Tumby's Random Payload Blue Spawn from Summer 2020

    I made this blue spawn for a payload map during the Summer 2020 72hr Jam. It simply didn't get any further in developement. Feel free to make a real map with it, but of course credit me as much as is reasonable. If you end up scrapping the whole thing for a better spawn, then there is obviously...
  2. Yrr

    Yrrzy's Unfinished Bangers

    I've mostly moved on from TF2, so I'm unlikely to ever fix the remaining problems these maps had myself, which sucks cause they were pretty good. I'm looking for experienced mappers interested in finishing either of them, contact me for details/files. Departure - Arena CTF Claimed! TF2Maps...
  3. Fault in Maps

    Dayspring a14

    Originally orphaned by DoctorDoomTrain, Dayspring has gotten overhauled and is ready to be played again! I always felt there was a strong base with the orphaned version of the map, so I am so excited that I got to work on it! The last version was a8, I skipped a9 cause starting at a1(0) was...
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil's Orphaned Things Collection

    Well, after 8 months of being in this community (and creating quality content), I've decided it is time for me to move on. I started level design because the levels in my game were extremely flat, and I'm going to continue to make games (I also recently created a new twitter so if you want you...
  5. Kube

    Grain-Eerie (Halloween) [OPEN]

    (those clear tubes were designed to be stand-ins for custom props) A partially-complete reskin of cp_granary. Made by @KubeKing and @Exactol (include us as contributors). Open to everyone! And don't be afraid to use these files, even if someone else is using them. Screenshots
  6. Startacker!

    Startacker's Deathbed Maps 2: 2017 Edition [OPEN]

    This is a semi-continuation of my last orphaned map thread, except this time it's maps that are worth being picked up. All downloads are at the bottom of this thread. PL_SNOWALEEN (Original thread) Last version: Alpha 3 A Christmas/Halloween themed Single-Stage Payload. Initially had some...
  7. FishyUberMuffin

    cp_smallworks_a4, cp_3mannworks_a3, koth_profirejungle_b5, Invite,alpha, alpha, and beta

    cp_3mannworks_a3 koth_profirejungle_b5 3Mannworks: No Planned Propfirejungle: Making a volcano koth map I want partial credit
  8. Startacker!

    Startacker's deadbeat good-for-nothing useless and terrible maps (Open!)

    (Overly exaggerated title) Here's some maps that I've given up on/have no use for CP_WORKSTRAINED Ah, my first map I actually released, other than koth_insomniaplusboredom_a8. This map suffers the complete opposite of koth_yuckamuck (I'm pretty sure yuckamuck is gone, but if someone actually...
  9. gommi

    Cp_aztec abandoned

    Ok, i wanted to create a map for mayann update and it was my very first big project, but i gave up for somereasons: School takes me too much time, i'm not very skilled on hammer so i cannot do well what i want to do, and mosltly i got bored about that map. i hope someone will take this base...