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Rush B a1a

Dear Ivans, Govorite po-anglisski, Drink vodka and Rush plant, blyat!

  1. Emil_Rusboi
    КРС built a huge Nuclear Power Plant called "Краснооктябрьская Атомная Электростанция имени Хейла" and decided to sell some energy to СИН, but one day they just stopped exporting energy for no reason... So, СИН decided to take control over the plant...

    Rush B - 3CP A/D Steel-type map with Russian Power Plant theme based at night. You can attack C at start, but capturing other points will give you advantage

    If you cap...:

    A - КРС A door will close and reduce СИН spawn time
    B - It opens 3 shortcuts for СИН to attack C

    So, don't Rush C... or B... because you can't Rush B... or you can...

    Was inspired by Chernobyl mini-serials, de_cache, de_train and my Mums stories


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