Banyan a2

3CP AD map set up in Vietnam. Welcome to the rice fields, Solja!

  1. Emil_Rusboi
    3CP Attack/Defend map set up in Vietnam War setting. Made for 2019 Summer 72hr jam! Collab with Scrly![​IMG][​IMG]

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  1. Second Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Ixy
    Version: a2
    This looks great! I'm keeping my eye on this one . . . .
  2. Dactir / #PrayForKyoani
    Dactir / #PrayForKyoani
    Version: a2
    Just an incredible map. A huge number of details, as well as a good theme. Great mini city or something like that.
  3. The Bran Man
    The Bran Man
    Version: a2
    Very detailed map w/ potential background lore