Can I post map sections one at a time?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Squidward... no wait, Oct 28, 2019.

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    I've seen some maps before where they've done one section of a map before all of it. (like dustbowls 3 sections) I'm wondering about three things.
    1: If I do this I can go into the beta stages of the map right?
    2: What do I name it? Like this? (cp_example_section1_a1)
    3: Answer seems obvious, but this is a better way of mapping then doing it all at once right?
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    if you want to post different stages separately, go for it - I believe normal naming convention is <mapname>_<stage>_<version string> (eg cp_examplemap_stage2_a1). It's a lot easier than testing all the stages at once, and lets you get as much testing as you can on each stage.
    If the stages are all together, you probably won't get much testing on the later stages, and it can also be good because if you haven't made stage 2 or 3 yet, you can still test your stage 1. There shouldn't be any reasons why you can't go into beta separately for each stage
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    I am currently doing exactly this. I have two different map threads for the two different stages, and I plan on just continuing one map thread forward once I combine everything into the same map.

    Snowplow was also made this way, albeit without map threads, since the map was developed in secret. Both stages were tested individually (and even made by different mappers) before being merged into one map.